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Your Must-Pack Essentials For A Holiday Break

As the holidays approach, you're going to keep seeing more and more travel photos on your social media feeds, and you yourself will most likely be contributing to this travel frenzy as Christmas and New Years' roll by. Whether you're off to relax in a sunny beach with cocktail on hand or headed to a chic city in search of a different kind of rush, one thing's for sure—you gotta dress the part (you know, for the 'gram!) We came up with our list of must-haves to absolutely pack in a suitcase on your holiday to make sure you'll get to look back at only the most stylish memories! 

Trusty, heavy-duty luggage


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What's worse than missing a flight or losing your luggage while on transit? A cracked suitcase. While it's tempting to purchase the next cheap suitcase that may look cool, you'll have to pay the price when it comes to durability. Invest in a quality suitcase that doesn't sacrifice on style. Remember though—while it needs to look pretty while you're lugging it around, airport staff don't really care much about that, and oftentimes, the case is that it gets scratched and thrown around. Go for something that will survive that!

A cool camera for collecting memories

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While some of us prefer our trusty smartphones to capture photos and videos, others like to go the extra mile by packing a semi-pro DSLR camera to create stunning photos that may garner some extra likes and shares online. These types of photos aren't reserved for bloggers or digital influencers, but for regular folk like you and me. And who knows? You might end up having your photos printed for your home.

A dependable jacket


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For those of you who are traveling to a chilly spot, you can't just leave the cold situation up to chance. Pack at least two types of jackets, a lightweight one you can wear at the airport or for bearable outdoor situations, and a made-for-the-cold type that's guaranteed to keep you warm (and cute) for all your vacay photos! We love this puffer jacket by Moncler.

A pair of statement shades


Whatever you do, don't ever leave home without a pair of shades that's a great accessory for when you take selfies, or simply doing its job of protecting those peepers from the sun. We love all the creative styles coming out in the market today, especially the updated vintage styles that has all of us swooning (and spending) for more!

A traveler's watch


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Getting lost in a new city is one of the best feelings while traveling, and the next best thing to that is finding out on your digital pedometer that you've exceeded your 10,000 steps a day goal! We love a fitness tracker watch such as this sleek design by Fitbit, as it is chic inasmuch as it is useful. It doubles as a bangle that easily matches your outfits on the beach or out on the town. 

An easy day dress


An LBD is a classic choice (and still a realiable one) to pack for a holiday, but printed girly day dresses are all the rage right now not just for their versatility but for its ability to make a woman look extra feminine and flirty. This type of dress can also be dressed up or down—a pair of sneakers or slip-ons for day, or a biker jacket and statement earrings and heels for night. Tres chic!

Cool & comfortable sneakers

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Now's a good time to take advantage of the logomania trend while it is still a hot topic in the fashion world. We love this design by Isabel Marant, as it is the perfect balance of comfort, and classic design with a twist that's so right now. It can instantly add character to a plain jeans and tee combo, or can be your go-to pair for spucing up a simple dress. Either way, walking around is no chore in these!

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