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8 Style Lessons We Learned From Olivia Palermo

We break down Ms. Palermo's golden touch when it comes to layering, mixing prints, and elevated athleisure.

“Icon” isn’t a word that we can easily throw around to tag someone in the fashion crowd. Not everyone has earned it. But among the ranks of the elite tier is the ever-sophisticated and rule-bending Olivia Palermo. With her luxe maximalist style, Olivia exudes a sartorial splendor that deserves her a spot in the short list of the most stylish women we’ve ever had the honor of being inspired by.

From impossibly mixing prints and textures to impeccably pulling together an elevated yet wearable overall look, Olivia simply has that golden touch when it comes to clothing. Of course, we all want in on her secret. While we deem her ingenuity inexplicable and inimitable, we’ll try our best to break down all the tricks that she has up her designer sleeve. Below, we list down all the lessons we learned from all of Olivia’s illustrious fashion moments:

  1.   There are no rules to mixing prints.

Perhaps one of the most astounding aspects in Olivia’s style is how she manages to mix multiple prints that none of us would even think of in the first place. Whether she’s matching different types of florals or going for a stripe-on-stripe look (or both at the same time,) Olivia’s trick to make her outfit coherent is through a coordinating palette. Only this style maven can make crazy prints look refreshing to the eyes. 


2. Smart layering elevates any look.

Another thing that makes Olivia a street style superstar is how interesting her layering skills are. Aside from prints, she also has a knack at layering different textures and silhouettes. Honestly, we don’t even know how flawless she always comes out as if it’s just as easy as picking out random pieces from her closet, and, voila, they work. We’ll just rest on the idea that if it feels right, then perhaps it is. 

3. Add a luxe touch to athleisure.

We’re no stranger to the charm of the athleisure trend. But for Olivia, she injects a polished touch to her looks with tailored pieces like a blazer or luxe elements like a fur coat. While us mortals may look straight-out-of-the-gym when we don sporty items, Olivia stands out from the rest like the tasteful sartorial goddess that she is. If you want to steal her otherworldly prowess, then balance is key.

4. The sweater and midi skirt combo is fail-proof.

Chic is an understatement when we’re describing Olivia’s style. But if it’s a word that appeals to you, then you may want to try her fail-proof combo in the form of a knit sweater and midi skirt. If you’re particularly looking to elevate your work wardrobe, then this Palermo signature is the only uniform you’ll need. 

5. Feathers are for special occasions.

Like the fancy maximalist that she is, Olivia loves feathered frocks especially for special occasions. So, if you’re having an evening affair anytime soon, this is the sign that feathers will never go out of style.

6. Make your accessories pop.

Being a fashion pro, of course, Olivia doesn’t simply pay attention to the clothes on her back. She also has a meticulous eye for accessories. Whether it’s a belt that lends a contrasting effect or a silk scarf over a floral coat, she makes sure that nothing in her outfit goes unnoticed. Don’t even get us started on her sunglasses collection. For a stand-out look of your own, take it from Olivia to go the extra mile.

7. Flats don’t mean a downgrade.

Some may believe that slipping into a tall pair of heels is the final touch to a riveting outfit. But for Olivia, flats aren’t simply a lazy alternative. The trick is to make sure that they add to the overall look, not bring it down. Take cues from Olivia and cop some fancy flat mules for an actual upgrade!

8. Spruce up your white sneakers.

A glaring staple in everyone’s wardrobe is a pair of white sneakers. It’s a versatile and comfortable option, yes. And for Olivia, she likes them with a playful touch. Some of the pairs that we’ve spotted on rotation are ones with bling, fur, and ribbons. Seriously, this woman is always one step ahead!


All photos via @oliviapalermo