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These Are The Top 10 Best Male Costumes At The Black Magic Halloween Party 2019

Even the men put their best made up faces forward—all in the name of a good Halloween party!

Another night of fun and fascinating fashion has ended, and we're talking about none other than Star Magic's "Black Magic Halloween Party", an evening where some of the country's biggest celebrities got all dressed up in their best Halloween garb!


EXCLUSIVE: Black Magic Halloween Party—Black Carpet Arrivals, Costumes, And The Best Looks From Star Magic Celebrities

In true red carpet fashion, we were there to capture all the action, seeing all the stars as they arrived. This year, they decided on a black carpet, perfectly apt for such an occasion, and as each one descended on the eerie set, audible oohs and aahs were heard as the audience guessed who each celebrity came as. 

While the women surely put up a good fight in battling it out for best Halloween costume, the men rose to the challenge and came well-prepared to wow their peers, and our cameras as well! They came in well-thought-of costumes with equally enamoring hair and makeup looks to boot! You won't normally see these dashing gentlemen in full-on makeup on a regular day, but in the name of a good halloween party, they did!

Without further ado, we present to you our top 10 best male costumes from the Black Magic Halloween Party:


These Are The Best Halloween Costumes At The 2019 Black Magic Halloween Party

1. Daniel Padilla as Suicide Squad Eyeball / Dia de los Muertos guy

Daniel Padilla
Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

2. Edward Barber as Genos

Edward Barber

3. Enzo Pineda as Beetlejuice

Enzo Pineda | @starmagicphils
Enzo Pineda and Michelle Vito

4. Jameson Blake as Dr. Strange

Jameson Blake

5. Joshua Garcia as Elton John in Dodgers Baseball costume

Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia

6. Jeremiah Lisbo as Joker of Suicide Squad

Jeremiah Lisbo
Jeremiah Lisbo

7. Enchong Dee as American Psycho

Enchong Dee

8. Khalil Ramos as Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy

Khalil Ramos

9. Iñigo Pascual as Ernesto dela Cruz of Coco

Iñigo Pascual

10. Raf Robes as Grab Food Delivery Guy

Raf Robes

Photography by Pat Buenaobra

Special thanks to Star Magic Philippines