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Decode Her Style: Mikka Padua And Her Forever-Holiday Style and Chic Manila-Girl Aesthetic

We plunged into her outfit archives to reinterpret what it is to be Metro’s Most Stylish for 2020.

Becoming a 21st century woman now offer a host of opportunities. Whatever it is that keeps you going, whether it’s doing your 100% in your passion project or choosing to take an entire day off for self care, you do you! Topping the #MetroMostStylish2020, Mikka Padua greeted 2020 with a gentle reminder to LIVE and that’s more than enough to also get us through towards these unsettling times. 

Mikka lives and breathes fashion, it’s impossible not to feel the same way. Her entire Instagram feed oozes with the kind of energy you feel on a sunny day and her outfits fully define what it is to be a woman in Manila. The hustle and bustle just won’t stop us fashion girls when it comes to coming through in a perfectly put-together ensemble or whatever it is we wear to last through an entire day in the metro.


#MetroMostStylish2020: Mikka Padua

If there are three takeaways we can learn from Mikka, it’s her unique charm on accessorizing, day dressing, and ability to layer up even amidst the moody Metro Manila weather. Maybe it's her natural instinct as a fashion girl, herself, spearheading her shop Seek the Uniq.

Not For The Faint-Hearted

It takes guts and a hefty amount of angst to come through in a fully accessorized look. Believe it or not, accessorizing may seem like an added chore, but you won’t ever have to feel that way ever again after hearing us out. Three things we picked up from Mikka’s fool-proof accessorizing is that you can always play with scarves, earrings, and a couple of statement bags. 

Apart from its posh effect, scarves can double up your outfit's personality in an instant. Wear it chicly tied around your neck, as a head piece, or as a top if you can! It brightens up any predictable color palette with a splash of print and it works every time.

If you’re not the type to put on a scarf, earrings can do you a favor as well. Skip the trouble of layering up studs or necklaces and stick with an exuberant pair of earrings.

And finally, bags are on our list. If you think you can get away with throwing your things in a big plain tote, please know you deserve better. Statement bags lift the charm out of your daily 9 to 5. Get a pair of a chic weekday bag with equal parts of fashion and function. For the weekends, get a separate bag for your errands or brunches dates.

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Forgot to change out of jammies. #seektheuniq

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Dresses are gifts to the soul, it allows you to move be more in touch with your feminine side. It brings out only the best mood in us and if there’s anyone who makes use of this magic, it’s definitely Mikka. Her love for day dresses makes her the fashion icon that she is. Name every print, pattern, and material and she has it. She makes day dresses work even during the rainy season or winter in some cases. See a few of our favorites down below:

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When forty feels like fourteen. #2020 #thisis40

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Layers And Layers Of Chic

If Mikka can do it, so can you! Take it easy on layering and build up pieces each time you progress to the ultimate tier of layering. Start with stylizing button downs with chic vests or dainty tank tops that are too showy if worn by itself. On chilly days, layer coats wisely and even tie it neatly with a cute bow. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw on a day dress and cinch it up with a denim skirt or any of your choice: our favourite technique ever!

And if you want more, cop the latest of Mikka’s wardrobe at Seek The Uniq. Let each piece take you to a different adventure everyday. Skip the sulking and live with your most authentic self. And yes, you can dress up even if we’re on lockdown, there’s no one stopping you from coming through at your own sala anyways!


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