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5 Stylish Daughters On The Best Fashion Advice They Got From Their Celebrity Moms

Dominique, Sabina, Angelina, Frankie, and Kaila share their fashion dos and donts they've learned from their super stellar moms.

If we grow up close to our moms, we take her sage advice to heart. What does that age-old saying go again—a mother knows best? It’s extremely easy to say that these celebrity daughters Dominique Cojuangco, Sabina Gonzales, Angelina Cruz, Frankie Pangilinan, and Kaila Estrada did not only inherit their mother's looks but their sense of style as well.

It’s impossible not to see their likeness from their stellar moms. Looks and grace would be an understatement if we’re talking about their aura and personalities. If there’s one thing they inherited from their moms, it would definitely be their commanding and more often than not, an intuition filled with groundbreaking fashion choices.


In this Metro exclusive and as we near Mothers' Day, we asked these fashion girls on how their moms influenced their style aesthetic and other fashion-related sensibilities. From easy dos and donts, to their favourite fashion pieces that they may one day get, these girls did a fashion tell-all!

Dominique Cojuangco on Gretchen Barretto


Budding fashion designer and successor of good genes, Dominique is a woman of beauty and brains. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in California and has continuously created waves in the fashion industry since then. Her sense of style is simple, she doesn’t follow any rules! From an early age, her parents kept her expressive nature up until she recognized her own aesthetic. And just like us, she admits that she has made questionable looks as a kid—we believe it’s part of the transformation!

“My mom and I both pair jeans with a good blazer,” Dominique shares, “We typically fall in love with similar pieces, but can still end up styling them differently.” She remembers that when she was 11, she used to be so enamoured by her mom’s white Balenciaga top with gold buttons. “Despite how much she loved it, she lets me wear it every chance I got. It now hangs in my closet and it always reminds me of the times we would spend together mixing and matching garments for fun.” 

Talk about an absolute tear-jerker! We’re not just deeply charmed over this sweet mother-and-daughter duo but we’re also amused about the fact that fashion pieces preserve so much stories and we are lucky to be able to get in touch with those memories every time!

Sabina Gonzalez on Tweetie Gonzalez


From fashion editorials to countless runway shows, Sabina is making runway her stage as a model just like her mom. As the only girl in the family, there’s no doubt that she inherited her mom’s modelesque features and an outstanding eye for fashion. Sabina is comfortable to say that she has a similar taste and style aesthetic with her mom. They gravitate towards classic cuts and pieces that can last a lifetime and both of them are hardly in anything too form-fitting or completely oversized. 

“My mom always instilled in me the need to look neat and put together, and that classic styles and fits should be a priority, and to never insist on something that doesn’t feel right or comfortable to me,” Sabina says. 

When it comes to her personal style, she is more likely to wear prints and show a little more skin. And since she is technically the heir of her mom’s entire closet, she picks two high-waisted denim shorts as some of her early acquisitions. She says that her mom used to wear the same shorts back then with high-cut boots all the time! “That, and a gorgeous top and pants from Issey Miyake that she bought way back in 1990,” Sabina adds. 

Angelina Cruz on Sunshine Cruz


Angelina is making a name for herself the same way her mother shined into the spotlight. From her sense of style, beaming personality, and her tantalizing smile, Angelina is on her way to conquer our screens. When it comes to style, she doesn’t stray away from her mother’s guidance. “My mom’s greatest piece of style advice is to always match tops and bottoms wisely. From colors to patterns, I learned to pair pieces coordinately and complement each pattern with only prints or hues that flatter each other.” 

Just like her, we tend to be extremely cautious on mixing and matching fashion pieces, it is a great piece of advice to keep the color wheel in mind. No matter what texture or fabric you’re dealing with, trust that the color wheel will find you an answer, style-wise! It’s true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in all aspects Angelina continues to proudly banner her mom’s likeness. 

Frankie Pangilinan on Sharon Cuneta


Above all else, we love how Frankie gives so much thought on how much she expounds on herself and a hint of her mom’s sense of style. She goes through by saying that the decade that most defined her mom’s style was the '90s and going through her mom’s vintage collection felt like handling art pieces. We too, believe that anything that goes down in history is of art and fashion combined! She plans on rewearing those same pieces for her upcoming projects and we’re more than thrilled to get a glimpse of those precious The Sharon Cuneta Show outfits come to life once again. 

Frankie admits that she’s never too flashy with jewelry and if she ever worn some, it will most probably came from her mom. “Mom loves accessories. She [has] just recently been teaching me to wear watches. She has a very refined taste that, while fun and with the occasional pop of color, remains timelessly chic.” 

She explains that their style philosophies are very similar although she tends to be a little bit braver when it comes to trying out new things or brighter colors. “I don’t think either of us are defined by trends or what’s in, we just like what we like.” I admire the fact that at a very young age, Frankie is brave enough to let her boldness peek through as she continues to stay true to herself. 

Around 90% of her shoes and bags were given by her mom from her own vintage collection including a 25 year old Chanel! “I’ve never once asked her for anything but when she does give, it’s an insane privilege. Whenever I go out, I carry a piece of her with me. She is my best friend.” 

Kaila Estrada on Janice de Belen


Kaila's sense of style hits different. You can find her sporting the most outrageously oversized button downs paired with an equally baggy trousers and her latest sneaker acquisition or you can see her perfecting how to make use of a scarf in a totally unconventional way. She's anything but plain or simple and we love a style star who enjoys surfing against any type of trend. Although her mom didn't introduced a vital rule book for her to follow, Kaila is entirely influenced by her style. 

"She's the type that would wear a pantsuit instead of a dress in any occasion," and for her, she's more like her mom more than anyone else. And the best thing yet, she's comfortable in her own skin, any mother would want her child to feel the same way. We're way past our old ways and we're definitely breaking loose from all the labels, stereotypes and other societal confinements, we're dressing up however we like because we can!