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Heart Evangelista Graces the Clash De Cartier Studio Pop-Up in Singapore

Metro's Most Stylish takes us on stylish trip to Clash De Cartier's first ever pop-up in Southeast Asia.

It was all about stylish collisions at this month’s Clash De Cartier pop-up in Singapore. Set in a city familiar with fusion, this weekend-long immersive experience of the luxury jewelry brand’s new collection brought together some of Cartier’s finest pieces with some of Asia’s most glamorous stars. Attending by special invite was a couture-clad Heart Evangelista. A style icon in her own right, it’s no surprise that the actress was the only Filipino to be flown out by the French fashion maison for the event.

A seasoned jet-setter, Heart documented her quick trip to the Lion City on her Instagram account. Before the event, the star had time for a morning latte and a stroll down the storied Orchard Road. Later, wearing a Chanel tweed boatneck mini-dress with a fringed hem, and draped with a cross-body croc skin Hermes Kelly bag, Heart entered the STPI contemporary art gallery in Robertson Quay, where the interactive pop-up was held.

heart evangelista graces the clash de cartier stud 0
Heart arriving at the Clash De Cartier Singapore pop-up

Legendary jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking company, Cartier, took over the space to present its first ever pop-up in Southeast Asia. Recreating its Paris pop-up, the brand showcased their Clash De Cartier collection -- a line of jewelry that perfectly encapsulates the fashion giant’s versatility -- in an interactive installation featuring a range of dualities. First, guests were invited to take a personality test to see if their journey would begin in the bookstore, where poets wrote personalized haikus about them, or in the record store, where they were showered with futuristic sounds combining classical music, rock, and everything in between. Also included in the installation were various optical illusion photo opportunities, a split-personality cafe, where one side took after traditional Singaporean design, while the other half presented a contemporary European style, and of course, the Clash de Cartier collection.

heart evangelista graces the clash de cartier stud 0
Clash De Cartier Collection

The jewelry itself represents duality. The collection’s rings, bangles, earrings, and necklaces have somewhat of a rebellious sensibility at first glance: the pink and yellow gold jewelry features studs reminiscent of the punk movement. However, upon a closer look, the “spikes” actually come to a soft curve, giving them a feminine touch that is also comfortable on the skin. This “clash” of seemingly disparate qualities produces a special kind of accessory: something edgy enough to stand out in a crowd while being impossibly chic; something refreshing in its modernity, yet timeless enough for everyday wear. 

Heart executed the “clash” concept perfectly, stacking two rings from the collection on her pointer finger, creating a playfulness to offset the elegance of the diamonds on her ring finger.

heart evangelista graces the clash de cartier stud 0
Heart and her own Cartier clash

However, the most exciting collisions of the evening were of the cosmic variety. Heart ran into fellow style maven Yoyo Cao, the Singaporean fashion designer, entrepreneur, and brains behind the heavy-hitting lifestyle and fashion website 

heart evangelista graces the clash de cartier stud 0
Heart with Yoyo Cao

And perhaps the highlight of the evening was when South Korean film and TV star Ji Chang-wook of Smile Again fame snapped a selfie with Heart and some friends. Heart posted the photo with the caption, “Thank you @jichangwook for standing up and taking a photo with us. So lovely to meet you!”
heart evangelista graces the clash de cartier stud 0
Heart in a group selfie with Ji Chang-wook

The Clash de Cartier pop-up was held from November 15 to 17, 2019 at the STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery in Singapore.