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#MetroMostStylish2020: Top 11 to 20 Best Dressed Ladies

The closer we get to the top 10, the better it gets. Here are more of Metro's stylish women of the year.

Nikki Huang

Nikki Huang is a star on the rise. This fashion maven is no newcomer to the Metro Most Stylish list. At a young age, the teenager has already been turning heads with her impeccable taste for the past few years. But it is really in the last year that she has come into a newfound confidence when it comes to exploring new facets of her style. Foregoing the safe, classic pieces of yesteryear, Nikki is now bolder in her choices. Playing with different textures, prints, and silhouettes, her risks are paying off. In a recent New York Fashion Week look, she wears an airy summer dress in a bohemian print under a dotted faux fur coat. Accessorized with aviator sunnies, the result is a modern homage to the cool girl of the seventies. Updating another retro style with similar aplomb, Nikki wears a chambray shirt and striped flares. Yet because of her dainty jewelry, and details like a thigh high slit, the outfit manages not to look dated or costumey. As this prodigy continues to discover her personal style, be sure to keep an out for her.

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Julia Barretto

“My style always depends on my mood,” actress Julia Barretto says. Lately, that mood has been more laidback. On a recent trip to Los Angeles’s famed Venice Beach, Julia forewent the class California Girl vibes for a more weather-appropriate look consisting of an ankle-length camel colored coat, khakis, and white sneakers. “Recently,” she says, “[I like to wear] whatever I’m comfortable in and keeps me warm.” No longer swept up in what the mainstream dictates to be fashionable, Julia is more interested in clothes that maker her feel good about herself. “I always like to wear stuff that makes me feel like a grown woman,” says the 22-year-old. Regretting too-trendy pieces like colored skinny jeans, she is now aware of the value of timelessness. One way she is able to get longevity out of her outfits is by prioritizing the right fit. “Accepting my body shape and dressing according to it has helped boost my confidence,” she says when discussing her style evolution. As a result, everything from her day-to-day outfits to more glammed up looks oozes quiet confidence. Rarely deviating from crisp neutrals and classic cuts, Julia stuns whether she’s wearing evergreen items like silk satin slips or cozy turtlenecks, or whether she’s harking back to the nineties with a vintage tee and wide-legged denims, or in a more contemporary skin-tight leather minidress. “Go with your gut,” she says, “wear whatever makes you feel awesome.”

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Kai Lim

Despite constantly evolving in her style, Kai Lim finds that she is "always drawn to feminine menswear." As such, you'll see her sporting dad sneakers, a wide-leg trouser, and baggy turtleneck as an everyday outfit. Or, more subtly, she will wear a dress inspired by a men's suit, complete with a shawl lapel, but belted at the waist and with the sleeves cut off. Instead of creating a traditionally masculine look, these styling choices result is a striking, strong-shouldered silhouette that maintains its femininity with its A-line skirt. Even when she is turning up the glam, Kai rarely deviates from her preferred style. A deep-V lace blouse over a silk camisole would almost be out of character for Kai, were it not tucked into tailored trousers. Still, despite being inspired by pieces conventionally intended for men, Kai’s looks aren’t what you would call androgynous. Indeed, she wears dresses and skirts, at times even sporting indisputably feminine looks such as the traditional terno. But it’s no matter that Kai’s style does not fit into an easy category. Unapologetically, she says, "Fashion is supposed to be fun. There are no rules, just go with what feels right."

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Nicole Andersson

"Your clothes should make you feel like your best self," Nicole Andersson says when describing her personal fashion philosophy. If that’s the case, then Nicole’s best self is fun, feminine, and refreshing. While she claims that she is not one to force fit a particular trend into her wardrobe, her style does not languish in a safe, familiar space. Whereas many of her peers who claim to eschew trendiness lean towards classic looks, Nicole’s style has an exciting new energy driving it. She wore one of her most arresting outfits at last Fall’s Paris Fashion Week: a metallic fuschia wrap dress, whose dramatic ruffles at the hem of the skirt were balanced out by the oversized shoulders of the top. On its own, it would have already been a statement piece. However, the style master dared to turn up the volume of the outfit by wearing it with knee-high boots in gold croc skin. On the other end of the style spectrum is another standout from Paris Fashion Week. Instead of looking basic in basics—a white button down shirt and a pair of jeans—Nicole adds flair to the outfit by wearing a structured gray tube top over it. Whether she goes all out with her fashion choices, or adds a strategic detail to a seemingly simple look, Nicole always serves up something fresh.

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Rina and Rafa Santos

Rina Lorilla Santos and her daughter Rafa make up the mother-daughter team that has charmed over 12,000 Instagram followers with their fashionable outfits and jet-setting lifestyle. On their feed, the stylish duo can be seen sporting matching plaid pantsuits in Italy, flouncy dresses in the same floral print in Greece, and identical denim overalls back home in the Philippines. In whatever they wear, both mother and daughter flaunt their editorial eye: accessorizing with feminine details to balance out a masculine piece, or adding a contemporary touch to a vintage look. “I find it interesting how two opposite styles when worn together can create balance,” Rina says of her own style. However, this philosophy is also apparent in the way she plans her and her daughter’s looks. When they aren’t twinning, they continue to wear coordinated outfits. For instance, in Japan, Rina wears a collared tent dress that falls below the knee, whereas Rafa wears an impossibly chic floral pantsuit. What threads the two looks together is their hue: Rina's dress is a deep brick color, which is picked up in some of the flowers on Rafa's lighter peach suit. But ultimately, what hooks to these two trendsetters goes beyond style: it is their undeniable love for each other that that continues to draw audiences into their life.

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Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre’s style is the epitome of sexy and empowered. At just 26 years old, the actress is already an industry veteran who has been in the spotlight for over a decade. Along with this stretch of time has come unwavering confidence in the young celebrity. And it shows in her fashion choices. Unafraid to flaunt her assets, Nadine’s Instagram page shows her in belly-baring get ups from bikinis, to sports  bras, to cutout maillots, crop tops, to the bandeau-under-blazer moment reminiscent of the nineties. But it’s not all about skin for the fashion icon. Nadine doesn't just wear what is hot—on her body and in terms of trends. Beyond merely looking good, Nadine has a strong stylistic voice that comes through in every outfit she wears. Dressing for daytime, business, a night out, or a black tie affair, she is able to thread each look back to a single fashion philosophy that seems rooted in sophistication, coolness, femininity, and confidence in it all. Some of her standout looks include a satin wrap halter top paired with roomy trousers, a petal pink country girl getup worn with thigh high cowboy boots, and black sequin blouse and pant sent that is reminiscent of a disco-era jumpsuit.

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Katrina Razon

Girlboss Katrina Razon wears many hats. Not only is she the creative force behind the events company CC:Concepts, which has been making waves in the music scene around the Philippines, but, among other things, she also happens to be a DJ (who goes by the name of Katsu), a director of a designer shoe label, and the brains behind an indoor farm that grows and delivers produce around Manila. Just as in her professional life, she straddles the business and the creative worlds, her personal style can also transition seamlessly from the boardroom to the catwalk. For the most part, she can be seen in polished styles featuring structured garments with exaggerated silhouettes. At the moment, the fashion doyenne seems to be drawn to powerful looks. On one hand, she has an array of striking pantsuits whose corporate-ness she’ll temper by wearing it in a denim fabric, or with a t-shirt, or with a fun accessory such as a feather purse or Knight Rider sunglasses. On the other hand, she explores the intersection of femininity and strength by enlarging her shoulders with soft butterfly sleeves, or making a statement with a bold and colorful print. Regardless of what she is wearing, Katrina is sure to be donning a crisp look with just a touch of drama.

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Monica Urquijo Zobel

The Instagram feed of Monica Urquijo Zobel is flooded with psychedelic collages, paintings, photographs, and multimedia creations exploding with vibrant color and eclectic, sometimes abstract, imagery. Although Monica explores a variety of offbeat themes, often ranging from island life, to Japanese culture, to mid-century nostalgia, she manages to cultivate a universe that invites audiences to get lost in a gritty bohemian paradise. Think Wes Anderson on acid. Similarly, Monica’s fashion revels in a wild, escapist fantasy. You'll see her romping around in outfits that can hardly be explained. For instance, she wears a structured, knee-length wool dress that might pass as conservative were it not for the lace-trimmed portrait of Jesus stitched over the torso. Delightfully, she accessorizes the eccentric outfit with layers of shell necklaces, knee-high wool socks, and a white cowboy hat. Another disarming look is one featuring orange feathers. Over a black shirt, she wraps a fantastic shawl-boa. On her bottom half, she wears a matching pencil skirt printed with turquoise, black, and vermillion swirls, embellished across the front and down one side, with the same burst of feathers as the top. Bold and joyful in its irreverence, Monica’s style is one of a kind.

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Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez is the master of cool girl chic, turning heads with her fun, fashion forward looks wherever in the world she may be. During the most recent New York Fashion Week, she stunned in a baby blue Louis Vuitton slickrain jacket and pant set, worn over layers of woolen turtlenecks, and accessorized with white leather cowboy boots, drop earrings, and a clutch. Another striking LV look from the same trip involved a matching blazer and miniskirt, styled with a waist-emphasizing black leather corset belt. In Paris last Fall, she wore a red Materiel leather trench coat with cutouts on the sides, and nothing, at least nothing visible, underneath. In London during the spring, she wore graphic Carolina Herrera dress with oversized polka dots. She injected a pop of color to the black and white outfit by adding an emerald green purse to the look. Refreshingly experimental, Janine’s style doesn’t go overboard into the realm of costume. Rather, her exquisite fashion sense establishes her as a global tastemaker. Although she’s no stranger to simple, utilitarian looks, occasionally posting a gym selfie in leggings and a sports bra, or a casual travel OOTD featuring jeans and a T-shirt, it’s Janine’s high fashion moments that set her apart.

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Kathryn Bernardo

Movie star and Metro cover girl Kathryn Bernardo captivates audiences on and off camera. Her style choices range from everyday effortless to downright iconic. One of her most memorable looks in recent history was a terno with a deep neckline, fitted bodice, and mermaid skirt. The fuchsia pink hue popped against the actress’s porcelain skin. And her minimalist accessories, a single ring, drew all the attention to the garment. However, what made this dress really standout, was its T'Nalak pattern in Swarovski crystals, a detail Kathryn specifically requested designer Michael Cinco to incorporate. The final outcome was nothing short of stunning. But even when deviating from tradition, Kathryn shines. More experimental looks, like a patchwork denim jacket and bell-bottoms set, or a satin army green trench with matching parachute pants. establish Kathryn as an icon with her finger on fashion’s pulse. That said, Kathryn can wow in her more casual looks as well. The trendsetter can often be seeing menswear-inspired garments, including boxy button down shirts, wide-legged trousers, baggy blazers, and leather brogues—maintaining a characteristic femininity with details such as dainty jewelry or designer purse. No matter what she’s wearing, this fashion maven carries each look with unparalleled star power.

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