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#MetroMostStylish2020: Top 41 to 50 Best Dressed Ladies

Find out who made it to the most fashionable countdown of the year

Our countdown to this year's #MetroMostStylish2020 list begins with these 10 women whose style sensibilities go from polished to eclectic. As they are among society's finest and most renowned mavens, we admire their grace and sophistication whether they are attending public events, in chic destinations, or going around and about their daily lives and careers.

Below, get to know the first batch of fashionable ladies, and learn a thing or two about their personal aesthetics.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Cat Arambulo-Antonio,  known for her chic ensembles that she shares daily on IG stories, allows her mood to dictate her fashion for the day. She enjoys sporting looks ranging from sophisticated, to edgy, to sporty. As she looks up to style icons like Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham, it’s no surprise that “one thing will always be consistent—I'll always be very polished."

Cat's put-together style comes with a lot of preparation. As she considers her outfit for the day, she says, "I plan ahead and, as much as possible, try to have my outfit and look adaptable from day to night." As a result, her outfits often feature wide-legged trousers with a coordinated sleeveless top. This classic silhouette can take her from the boardroom to the ballroom with a simple switch in styling and accessories.

For more casual moments, Cat sports a sleek ponytail with minimal jewelry. To spruce up everyday wear, she will sport any of her Cat Arambulo VIBE Collection Bracelets. And for more upscale events, she pairs her look with a designer bag and a simple heel. No matter where she is, the key style ingredient for Cat is confidence. "I believe you can wear an eye patch, and if you own it, you can make it look cool." 

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Marga Valdes

Marga Valdes Trinidad is part of the creative brains behind the Bea Valdes Design, forming a partnership with her sister Bea Valdes. Enamored by details, Marga's personal fashion choices are arresting, without ever being over-the-top. For instance, she balances out the structural and voluminous sleeves of a petal pink top with a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Likewise, she dresses up a color-blocked tank and trouser set with layers of chunky necklaces.

But what is most important to Marga when choosing an outfit is that it is ethical. Just as in crafting the Bea Valdes brand, she prefers slow fashion—choosing to create pieces mindful of their impact on the environment, culture, and economy—she similarly eschews disposable fashion when investing in personal pieces. To her, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion is more than just a trend. It's a commitment to being conscious of what goes into an article of clothing—asking whether a material is recycled, whether purchasing it will support a community, whether its production harms the environment, etc., and taking on the responsibility of making the ethical choice. This mentality is something Marga adheres to, not only in their brand, but in cultivating her personal style choices.

“It is now possible to make a political and economic statement in your choice of clothes by choosing sustainable and ethical brands to support,” she says. Adding, “It is empowering and liberating to have the capacity to align your aesthetics and ethics.”

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Dr. Vicki Belo

Being the founder, CEO, and Medical Director of Belo Medical Group, the leading aesthetic clinic in the country, it's no shock that Dr. Vicki Belo has a sharp eye for what is beautiful. However, her sensibility is not limited to the body. Though she’s often seen in her trademark lab coat, under the white frock, her flair for fashion is indicative of her aesthetic prowess.

Often dripping in designer clothes and accessories (it’s not unusual for her OOTDs to feature Saint Laurent heels, an Hermès purse, a Prada blouse, or a Versace dress), the doctor dons everything from classic, to edgy, to fun-loving looks. Scroll through her Instagram account to catch her in a sweet A-line dress and pumps one day, an off-the-shoulder top paired with skinny jeans and chunky heeled boots the next, and a romper with platform sandals the day after. While her style ranges, you can count on Dr. Belo’s fashion choices to showcase her best assets—preferring thigh-high skirts and shorts that draw attention to her toned legs, and fitted, sleeveless tops that hug her curves and show off her arms. But what distinguishes her style most is her commitment to high-quality material, high-quality tailoring, and high-quality curation of the full look from head to toe.

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Maja Salvador

A novice may describe Maja Salvador's style as being simple and straightforward as fashion can get, with her penchant for solid colors and monochrome outfits. However, what they would be overlooking with this description is the actress’s keen understanding of aesthetic. To her, style doesn’t start and end with an outfit. A quick look at photographs of her much-documented travels around the globe reveals that each outfit is carefully prepared according to the climate, culture, and landscape of the destination.

On a recent trip to Cuba, for instance, the actress opted for sherbet-colored dresses and co-ords with Latin details such as a flouncy skirt and ruffled sleeves. Against the vibrant Havana edifices and colorful classic cars, these outfits brought the scenery to life while also ensuring that Maja remained centerstage. Similarly, on a trip to Dubai, she wore an ankle-length linen dress in a deep cranberry shade, allowing her to pop against the backdrop of bright desert sand and the gleaming Burj Al Arab tower, while also respecting the local customs for appropriate wear. Although Maja shies from flashy outfits and accessories, her deceptively low-key glam is a masterminded effort that ensures that while she is regarded, what’s around her can be appreciated as well.

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Ria Prieto

After 17 years in the print industry, Ria Prieto has burst onto the digital stage as a creative consultant and fashion guru. In both the message she sends out into the world through her popular Instagram page and website, as well as in the personal fashion choices she makes, one of the most important things that Ria values is integrity. There is no difference between what she recommends using her platform, and what she herself loves to wear. While this may seem like a given, in the age where sponsored posts take precedence over heartfelt content, this approach is a rarity.

Lucky for us, Ria’s fine-tuned editorial judgment results in style offerings that are as impeccable as they are authentic. When it comes to her fashion choices, she does not just ride the wave of what’s hot at the moment. Instead, the tastemaker takes into consideration design, form, and function—qualities that long outlast trendiness. As a result, Ria’s stunning looks are not limited to an identifiable style or set of brands. She will mix high street items with high fashion items, draping a crossbody Balenciaga over an H&M sweater, for instance. Likewise, she’ll wear an indigenous Philippine textile along with another garment from a small boutique overseas. With Ria, style knows no borders.

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Vern and Verniece Enciso

Fashion blogging sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso are known for their coordinated styles, which often gets them mistaken as twins. But even when wearing the same pieces, each sister’s style becomes apparent. For instance, while both wearing identical zebra-print tanks, the younger sister, Verniece, opts for a more bohemian silhouette, pairing the top with billowy linen trousers, and accessorizing with a wide-brimmed fedora, dainty necklace, and a stack of bangles. 

Meanwhile, the elder Vern cinches a bold belt around her high-waist pleated shorts. On her arm, an outsized straw tote rests on her wrist. And instead of a hat, she tops her mane with sunnies. While both sisters’ styles are undeniably polished, each adds her own distinct flavor to a look. Not only does this give their audiences double the styling insight when it comes to a certain garment or trend, but it also emphasizes a key value that the sisters share when it comes to fashion: to express individuality. Vern says, “I thought that fashion was just for the people born with affluence. I was mistaken. Fashion is for everyone who wants to express themselves. In this world, you can wear whatever and be whomever you want to be, and no-one will judge. After being in the industry for so long, I learned that it’s big enough for you have your own space to shine.”

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Bea Marin

Having come into the public eye as a style blogger, Bea Marin distinguishes herself with a more casual and androgynous approach to fashion than many of the ultra-sweet looks that her peers put together. Though she is no stranger to the ubiquitous crop top and the bodycon outfit, Bea’s most standout styles are of the “tombabe” variety. Preferring this hybrid approach, which tones down the full-on tomboy disposition with a bit of femininity, Bea will wear a baggy Gucci tracksuit of Billie Eilish proportions but then pair it with a pristine white leather crossbody purse with gold accessories. Likewise, she’ll sport a rugby sweater as a minidress, or she’ll dress up a pair of utilitarian dad jeans with a belly-baring peasant top.

With each look, she takes traditionally masculine garments, and then counters them with an unexpectedly feminine detail. Despite donning a lot of streetwear and outfits with casual overtones, Bea’s looks maintain a consistent touch of glam. With her trademark dewy makeup flawlessly executed, and even the hairs straying from her updo completely precise, all aspects of Bea’s personal style are carefully calculated, resulting in a distinct aesthetic that fresh, fun, and leaves fashion fans eager for more.

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Jo Ann Bitagcol

Jo Ann Bitagcol’s style is the embodiment of cool off-duty model. Often seen in trousers paired with anything from a plain white t-shirt with cuffed sleeves, to a two-button blazer with nothing underneath, to a lace dress worn in reverse as a sort of overcoat, Jo Ann’s looks are always both effortless and stunning. The ever-evolving creative started her career as a model and photographer, and—never one to stay stagnant—has recently moved towards designing silk scarves that act as a statement piece to punch up any outfit. 

So, it’s no wonder her style is distinguished by a keen artistic sensibility that exudes an undeniable coolness. Being so active in various sectors of the fashion industry, Jo Ann has come to a solid understanding of her own identity, and is able to stand out in a sea of lookalikes. Just as in the other facets of her creative life, she prioritizes authenticity when it comes to her personal brand of fashion. Eschewing conventional glamour for more androgynous, even mannish, styles (including boxy suits, track pants, and tailored shirts), Jo Ann is a consistently exciting and evocative fashionista who will not be absent from best dressed lists any time soon.

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Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao has long been in the public eye, yet, it is only in recent years that she has cemented her position as a bona fide fashion maven. Coming from humble beginnings, designer clothes and accessories did not seem like an attainable dream. But having been blessed with success, the once far-fetched fantasies of having access to luxury fashion have now become a reality. Because of her roots, she is able to deeply appreciate the value of each item she adds to her wardrobe. And also perhaps because of those same roots, she allows herself to enjoy the power to fill that wardrobe to the brim.

No stranger to overseas shopping sprees at high end designer boutiques like Valentino and Goyard, Jinkee’s go-to OOTDs feature an eye-popping assortment of Birkin and Kelly bags, flowing Fendi dresses, and chic Chanel cardigans. Even her dressed-down outfits showcase Roger Vivier sneakers and Givenchy t-shirts. Still, she manages not to go overboard with her looks, preferring to adhere to minimal accessorizing, natural makeup, and sleek hairdos. Though she indulges her (and half the world’s) fashion fantasies, Jinkee avoids being extravagant. Despite wearing top designers from head to toe, she curates each piece to complement the others, resulting in a look that is attention-grabbing without being flashy. In a word, Jinkee’s ultra-luxe style can be described as classy.

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Sofie Borromeo

Over the years, Sofie Borromeo's style has evolved tremendously. As times and fashion have progressed, so has Sofie's understanding of her own power as a budding style icon for Filipino women. She describes her minimalist sensibility as "understated elegance with a twist," preferring to wear trousers or jeans with a solid-colored top featuring off-kilter details such as feather sleeves, embellished shoulders, or even a box-pleated spine along the back seam. 

As a designer, she creates ultra chic pieces versatile enough to act as an everyday outfit or occasionwear. And in her persona fashion choices, she carries the same ethos: Allowing the garment to make its own statement, without overpowering the woman underneath. “I truly believe that if you own who you were born to be, and accept that is what makes you who you are, and that everyone in this world truly has an extra special role to play on this earth, then the natural you, will shine through,” she says. Meaning, it’s the woman that makes the outfit.

“I don’t think that women should focus on the power of dressing,” she says. Adding, “If they own who they are and consider themselves blessings on this earth, any [look] that they put together is already powerful because they are representing the gift of identity. And to me, that is what makes a woman powerful, owning their identity, nothing more, nothing less.”

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