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#MetroStyleWatch: Meet These Powerful and Stylish Sister Duos

Get style inspiration from these stylish sister duos—Anne and Jasmine Curtis Smith, Bea and Marga Valdes, Steph and Jessica Kienle, Bea and Sofia Zobel, Paloma and Monica Zobel Urquijo, and sisters-in-law Lizzie and Kit Zobel de Ayala

The fascination for sisterhood is infinite and ever-present, in both contemporary fare such as pop culture obsessions or more classic fields such as the worlds of art, history, and literature. Whether it’s actual sisters such as the Kardashian-Jenners of reality show fame or the fictional ones such as the legendary Bennetts of Pride and Prejudice (with at least two movie versions and the definitive BBC miniseries) or the March sisters of the recent Greta Gerwig movie, something about the combination of shared DNA and feminine mystery is magnetic, magical and forever enlightening and constantly mutating.  And for every group of battling Barrettos, there are tight tight sisters, as close as royal sisters Elsa and Anna or Elizabeth and Margaret, as this stylish portfolio will show

Bea Valdes and Marga Valdes Trinidad

It is easier to spot the similarities between these sisters than the differences. Delicate bone structure; innate flair; an ethereal air; check, check, check. Bea and Marga are utterly and so sweetly devoted to each other. Bea, who was hailed as one of Metro Most Stylish last year, has always acknowledged that Marga is indispensable to the Bea Valdes brand; and Marga, who was recently on Metro Channel's Women of Style, has repeatedly  revealed in interviews that she has absolutely no regrets about leaving her career abroad to be part of her sister’s design journey. As the granddaughters of legendary jeweler and woman of style Fe S. Panlilio, Bea and Marga can wear dramatic and fanciful accessories with both ease and grace, a lovely balance of respecting the craft while also being nonchalant about precious objects. They are both drawn to pieces with statement details, such as frayed edges or architectural elements. Since both sisters do have an artistic bent to their styles, maybe one little line of difference would be that Bea’s style might be more sculptural and graphic, and Marga’s would be fluid and poetic.
Bea Valdes
Bea Valdes | @carlpabilona
Marga Valdes Trinidad
Marga Valdes Trinidad | @justinenavato

Steph Kienle Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle Maxwell

This is another pair of sisters who work and play, and travel and party together. Both sisters rebranded and revived their family furniture business Philux, and they even collaborated with the Valdes girls on a limited edition line of furniture. Talk about girl power! Their Eurasian looks are most definitely striking and they have been featured both for their work and their style. Metro Most Stylish 2018 Stephanie favors more feminine and polished lines, while Jessica leans toward more understated and classically tailored pieces. But what really stands out is their genuine warmth and down-to-earth manners. Steph has two girls, Andrea and Belle, and because she and Jessica are so close, she said in a past interview that it was always her dream to have two girls who are just as close as she and Jessica. Am sure we will soon be reading articles on the Gonzalez girls in no time!

Steph Kienle Gonzalez

Steph Kienle Gonzales

Sofia Zobel Elizalde and Bea Zobel Jr.

Bea is the eldest and Sofia is the youngest of the Zobel daughters of Jaime and Bea Miranda Zobel de Ayala, and they are also the two who chose to live in the Philippines rather than Spain. Bea is an advocate for native arts and crafts in Palawan and she was also a stalwart defender of heritage art and architecture in Bohol. Sofia spots and develops the artistic gifts of her dance students and has put up the Steps Foundation which works with Centex for arts and dance education. In a cover shoot Sofia declared:  “I’m famous for my bajillion bracelets.”  She loves accessories, also sporting necklaces laden with charms and pendants, though her clothes are usually more streamlined and understated. Bea favors more colorful pieces that make more of an aesthetic statement, and living in Palawan has certainly added that tropical resort panache to her style.

Bea Zobel Jr, and son, Jaime | Metro.Style

Paloma Zobel Urquijo and Monica Zobel Urquijo

Both madly creative, both Zobel sisters are quintessentially boho chicks, who seek striking and unusual looks.  Monica created her own Bench scent Isla Paloma a few years back and now is focusing on videos and short films; Paloma created PioPio, to update and elevate local weaving and embellishment into more funky and contemporary pieces. While they are both mad for color, Monica tends to rock monochromatic head to toe looks and she then injects the pops of color with either her shoes, a fun top or her accessories. Paloma loves to mix patterns and goes for more of a clash of hues and textures.
Paloma Zobel Urquijo
Paloma Zobel Urquijo | Metro Society

Paloma Zobel Urquijo | Metro.Style

Monica Zobel Urquijo
Monica Zobel Urquijo |
Monica Zobel Urquijo
Monica Zobel Urquijo |

Lizzie Eder Zobel and Kit Silverio Zobel

Though not blood sisters and sisters in law married to brothers Jaime and Fernando respectively, Lizzie and Kit have brightened up our art and culture and philanthropic scenes. Lizzie was a literacy activist and Kit is a big supporter of education (her college major was early childhood education). Lizzie is Colombian so she loves bold colors. Her advanced eye and a more high fashion perspective has made her a true style savant. Kit favors more classic and refined lines, very feminine and fluid.

Lizzie Eder Zobel | Metro.Style

Lizzie Eder Zobel and husband Jaime on the left; Kit Zobel and husband Fernando on the right | Metro.Style

Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff and Jasmine Curtis Smith

Anne went from teenybopper cutie pie to smoldering leading actress to concert star and variety show host. In the course of that epic journey to stardom, this Metro Most Stylish 2018 also became a fashion magazine darling and 'it girl.' Her baby sister Jasmine has taken a more indie route, starring in award winning smaller movies, among others. As such, their styles reflect their personal evolution. Anne is a designer’s muse, a favorite on Best Dressed lists, and gracing the opening of Louis Vuitton Seoul. She loves to experiment and there is hardly a look she hasn’t tried. As she recently announced her pregnancy, we expect more chic maternity OOTDs from her. Jasmine is more of a streamlined minimalist, and is a regular in Gucci events in Asia. What both sisters share is a strong sense of self, and they never let their strong personalities get lost in their outfits.
Anne Curtis Smith
Anne Curtis Smith

Anne Curtis Smith with husband Erwan Heussaff
Anne Curtis Smith with husband Erwan Heussaff

Jasmine Curtis
Jasmine Curtis | Shaira Luna

Jasmine Curtis
Jasmine Curtis