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[WATCH] Style Evolution: How Bea Alonzo Is Redefining Sexy In Style And In Life

An actress with great range and a beaming personality is given but Bea is a winner in style as well.

Bea Alonzo is one of the most iconic actresses that have ever graced our screens. With an astounding career in both television and film, a well-loved presence, and an impeccable eye for fashion, Bea remains at the pinnacle of having a well-styled life. Starring in the most recent cover of Metro Magazine, we're celebrating Bea's style evolution from everybody's girl-next-door to becoming the very style belle we see her as today.


Bea has achieved so much through the years and she is most proud about her growth as a woman. "Before I used to be more insecure about how I looked. Now, I'm more comfortable in my own skin, own shape and body," says Bea. Sexy for her is someone who is beaming with self-confidence and who is not afraid to wear whatever she wants. Above everything else, Bea believes that being sexy is well accompanied by sharp fashion choices and a drive to embrace your most authentic self.

With this she has fueled the same mindset through her various covers with Metro and it has resulted to tons of recognitions on the red carpet as well. Deemed as the Best Dressed of the night in the most recent 2019 ABS-CBN Ball, Bea proves that you can take your personal kind of sophistication and polished sense of style everywhere you go. 

In this Metro exclusive, Bea talks us through her style evolution, her fair share of closet must-haves, favorite statement pieces, and more. Watch the entire video down below:

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Video Editing by Berwin Coroza

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Must-Listen: Bea Alonzo Recites A Heartwarming Poem For ABS-CBN, Her Home Network