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Style Evolution: When Did Nadine Lustre Transform From Risky to Risqué?

We look into 5 years of fashion archives to see how her looks evolved into superstardom

Nadine Lustre is a league of her own. She breaks any notion of a local celebrity’s persona. When everyone going left, she goes the far right—not playing it safe, not looking like a cookie cutter version of someone else. It didn’t happen overnight, though. Like any transformation, she went through the motions of it all, starting meek and pious then strong and rebellious. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Metro Magazine April 2018 Cover

“I didn’t know how to project at that time,” Nadine says on her very first Metro magazine cover with Janine Gutierrez. “I was still learning.” You could see in her eyes the wanting to evolve, to move further in the celebrity game. From her 2015 pared down looks, a complete risky start—simple yet classics—she broke them down one by one, like a butterfly pushing her way out of a cocoon. And flutter she did breaking those conventions and now being one of the few who can own her body in frisky, sensual looks mixed with a bit of sporty in it. She’s rarely can be told what to do, and this is a mark of a self-assured celebrity—she knows what she wants and gets it. 

The past years isn’t just a physical, sartorial transformation. It is also built on confidence. “I would tell myself in the mirror and tell myself all the good things that I wanted to be,” Nadine says on how she built an inner empire of self-love. When asked on how to achieve the evolution that she’s become, for Nadine it’s fairly simple: “Just keep doing you.” Simple, but a challenge—not if you’re Nadine Lustre, though.


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Watch more of Nadine Lustre’s style evolution in the video below and in Metro.Style’s YouTube channel!

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