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The Biggest NYE Fashion Moments On Instagram

Far from polka-dotted ensembles and ultra colour-themed group photos, we listed out stylish personalities that stood out early this year with their bold fashion choices and OOTD views as well!

We’re starting off 2020 with a bang and a couple of the most stylish New Year’s outfits worth celebrating. With the surge and thrill for the new decade on its full speed, we’re more than excited for the most stylish Metro boys and girls in their 2020 ootds. Brave enough to make a mark on the first day of the new decade, here are your favourite personalities in so far their most festive in 2020.

Sporty NYE

Partying up all the way in the mountains, Heart Evangelista does sporty chic as her weapon of choice first day in 2020. She poses with the Escuderos in a Moschino shirt paired with her biker shorts. She throws on a classic blue blazer in what looks like her first take on the Pantone color of the year. We can’t wait to see more classic blue ootds from Heart herself.

Heart Evangelista NYE


Probably a few hours from her NYE kiss, Lovi poses with her beau in West Hollywood. Lovi wears an all-white pantsuit paired with fur. Talk about starting the new decade with love! Sensual than ever, the two love birds goes out for another date but this time on New Year’s Day! Lovi’s take on evening wear oozes with her personality and style. She wears a long black evening gown that exposes the right amount of skin, for a date! She ties up the entire look with a nude trench coat, her aforementioned fur, a black is black clutch, and the skinniest pumps. Lovi starts off the decade with love and we’re already blushing.

Lovi Poe NYE

Lovi Poe NYE

Earth to Elisse 

Cali for the New Year, Elisse sports earth tones for her New Year’s Day outfit. Cinched with a moss green coat, the actress balances it up with a white mid-length dress, a nude bag, and a sunglasses to frame her face. 

Elisse Joson NYE

Angel in Paradise

Fronting her collection of film photos in California, Sarah wears a black denim jumpsuit her Dior sneakers. The Gutz family spent December 31st watching sunsets and hanging out beside the Santa Monica beach. See more of the picturesque California under 2019’s last gleaming sunset.

Sarah Lahbati NYE

Peachy Good

Up-and-coming song artist, Claudia, braves the New Year with an all-black outfit. The soulful singer proves that black is far from forlorn if paired with the peachiest blush. Claudia conquers 2020 in style in none other than the city of Angels.

Claudia Barretto NYE

Up A Notch

Jess starts off the year in high ground and have no plans of simmering down. She spends the last day of 2019 in the mountainous treks of Switzerland. Although far from her usual festive outfits, Jess sports a snow-piercing gear that looks head-to-toe badass. 

Jess Wilson NYE

Blissful Bea

Candid on film, Bea spends NYE in her cherry red fur coat. Beaming as ever, the actress prances around Berlin in her festive spirit. Truly, the best moments are always caught in film. 

Bea Alonzo NYE

Bea Alonzo NYE

Bea Alonzo NYE

Julia On The Glow

Julia illuminates in her 2019 farewell as she poses in a festive nude illusion evening gown. Glowing and gleaming, Julia effortlessly welcomes the decade with the best attitude and the best outfit. We’re loving ourselves more this year and we’re definitely dressing up the way we do because we can!

Julia Barretto NYE

Festive In-Laws

Bea Soriano takes over 2020 in her floral festive mini dress. The creative entrepreneur stirs away from polka dots and gives floral a full on chance to celebrate the New Years. Bea poses in a matching silver snowflake head piece with her sister-in-law, Erica Dee of Bondi Studios, a brand known for its stylish bags and vases made for the interior savvy. Truly, great minds think alike!

Bea Soriano NYE