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The ‘It’ Girls Are Serving Us Hot WFH Looks We Didn’t Think We Needed!

Take it from the chic queens themselves: Dressing up for work never takes a break, even if it’s just for Skype! George, Martine, Bea, and Jess show us how to dress up for your work-from-home look woes.

What do you wear to work—when you have to work at home? This now-perennial question puzzles the fashion girl in all of us. We know how to strut it on the way to work, but what if the commute to work now entails walking all of 5 seconds to your breakfast table-turned-workspace? And a boardroom meeting is over Skype with only your upper half shown?

For the Sunnies ‘It’ girls Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano, and Jess Wilson, the chicness never stops even on the pixelated screens of our laptops. In their recent Instagram post, the Sunnies Studios fam turned to online meeting where everyone in the team was sporting a frame or specs, or Face products and putting on their best show of work-from-home looks. But we spot good looks even from a mile away. The Sunnies heads were still a standout in a sea of screens. So here, we give ‘It’ girl-approved tips on how to ace your work-from-home looks to impress a boss, feel good about yourself, or just simply make a statement online.

Choose a nice pop of color a la Martine Cajucom


We’re now obsessed with this shade of blue! This brightly lit sky blue top does wonders for you on screen. One, you’re easily noticeable rightaway and second, how deeply relaxing is it to look at in a sea of maybe dull hues? Be that pop of cheer your meeting needs! And look comfy while you’re at it by choosing something easy like this knit tank.

A great print is all the statement you need according to Georgina Wilson


This is how to do prints on screen—with a statement but nothing too overbearing. Cop this winning combo easily: a tamed floral print plus a sleek silhouette like a kimono. Voila! It’s an instant one-two hit that’s sure not to go unnoticed. Plus points for looking cozy like George!

When everything else fails you, a black top won’t, take it from Jess Wilson


Sometimes, the simplest of looks take us really far. This black tank top by Jess works wonders for her body, flaunting those great shoulders and arms. Sinc we’re only working on our upper half, it’s about high time to show off those assets we have in that area, whatever they may be. Work to your advantage!

Details on your top works best online, look at Bea Soriano!


This white top does wonders for Bea on screen, and we’re sure for you too. The puffed sleeves make for a conversation starter, the sexy neckline is a welcome surprise, and the ribbon just seals the looks together. All these combined is the perfect top for your WFH look woes. Even better? Match your nails with it like what Bea did for that added punch while explaining on video!

All photos courtesy of George, Martine, Bea, and Jess