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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020 Camille Co On Why Good Style Doesn’t Happen Overnight

What really makes good fashion takes time and a whole lot of trial and error!

Tomorrow is top fashion influencer Camille Co’s 32nd birthday. Our #MetroMostStylish2020 girl is one to admit that it is really in growing up that she found that sweet spot in her fashion sense. “Now that I’m older, I am more secure and stable,” Camille says on how age really is a prime identifier on how she puts herself together. “I know what I want and what looks good on me.” Even a fashion pro herself—if we can call her that—she can’t give you a one-two step in look stylish. Because who can really? For Camille, it is in her travels, the people she meets—a mix of different culture and things you are exposed to. In short, your true style comes in style.

It is not just due time, though, that’s in the mix. Like the blogger-slash-businesswoman herself, it also helps to be daring. “I like to play with different styles and genre,” just like in musical taste, you have to try it and see if it’s for you. And through that and through the years, now she can tell you what her fashion is in a nutshell: “Subtle but with something extra.”


Just like most of us, we are almost connected to our clothes. Camille feels good when she looks good. And perhaps we can get something from her five essentials to achieve that: a blazer, a good pair of jeans, loose mini dresses, a white shirt, and top it off with black pumps. 

But no matter how long your journey is to really finding that personal style of yours, Camille advices to not be too hard on yourself. “It is a process,” she says having gone through it all herself. And if anything can reassure us she says, “You’ll get there eventually,” You know you will, too.

Watch more of Camille Co’s fashion journey and her tips on Metro.Style’s YouTube page and the video below!

Photos by Seven Barretto

Video by Spotlight Creatives