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[WATCH] #MetroMostStylish2020: Tessie Singson On Her True Secret Of Being ‘Lola Androgynous’

You’d be surprised to know whom she got it from!

You’d spot Tessie Singson even from a mile away. In a city like Manila where most keep their style to a certain standard, she indeed stands out in all the right ways. Her non-conforming silhouettes and truly Japanese streetstyle aesthetic, these all add up to the lola androgynous that she is. “I’ve tried all the [kinds of] fashion and I don’t regret it,” she says having a solid look at 67.

It is no surprise then that this self-declared lola’s (grandma in direct translation) best advice she’s ever received fashion wise is from her very own grandmother. “Be yourself,” she was told. She has come full circle and it can’t get any simpler than that. She now has a secure and untouchable fashion, getting her inspirations from the likes of actress Tilda Swinton and model Stella Tennant. 


#MetroMostStylish2020: Tessie Singson

When you look at her top 5 closest essentials you’ll also know she knows no convention. Her signature dark-frosted glasses, Chanel earrings, a kikay (quirky) bag, tailored suits and Tabi shoes—these are all no ordinary woman’s basics. But for Tessies, this is a way of life, something we all wish we can be as confident rocking as good as she does on the daily. “Enjoy yourself,” she says. ‘Cause when you do, there’d be no better fashion statement to suit you. 

Watch more of Tessie Singson’s life in fashion on the Metro.Style Youtube video below!

hotos by Seven Barretto

Video by Spotlight Creatives


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