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Here Are 8 Work-From-Home Looks You Should Sport From #MetroMostStylish2020 Manika Yujuico

This former luxury brands PR and part of this year’s #MetroMostSylish gives us her top tips on how to look good on screen when you work from home!

It’s hard not to miss Manika Yujuico if you chance upon her Instagram page. You see a post and 30 minutes later, you’re still on it scrolling through hundreds of her clothes-centric posts. And the shoes! Yes, the former luxury goods merchandiser and PR based in New York and Hong Kong is as obsessed with them as we are.

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Always overdressed and rarely regret it haha

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But as we tow away out statement shoes for our work from home woes, the focus leads to our tops and our upper halves. How do we still make a sartorial impact over Skype? How do we impress the boss that even if we’re at home, we take our fashion business as seriously?

Manika Yujuico’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of ideas on how to make dressing up for work at home something to look forward to. From scarves worn multiple ways to over-layering, here are 8 tips on how to look your best for your online meeting, pixelated or not.

1. Take your fave buttondown (We all have it!) scarf it up

A white buttondown is an overused staple for a reason. We can wear it over and over again and it would still hold the same classic standard. But this time for the computer, make it more exciting. Take it for a spin and put a scarf on it the Manika way, chic and, dare we say it, darn easy!

2. Pick the most interesting top details

It is a game for the best top details. Take this scarf top for example by Manika. It has all the basics to make it look alive on screen: printed, colored, and with a statement detail! Keep those basics in mind.

3. Layer on the necklace and overdo it!

Don’t go easy on this one. Take as many necklaces as you have and layer them on instinctively. There’s no one rule on how to do it, just follow your intuition on which one goes first. Throw in a bangle for a welcome surprise.

4. Really, really, layer them up

Yes, we mean it. Layering can be done in thousands of ways and they’d still look different from the former. Choose a star piece and let the rest be supporting accessories. Wear them 5 days straight differently and no one will even notice they’re the same strategy.

5. Okay, more scarves, we kid you not!

Manika is the scarf whisperer. Do a triple knot like this one, and it’s don’t in 10 secs. The best part? A basic tee would look a million times better with this.

6. Do both, scarf plus necklaces!

10 days in and if you’re done with scarves or necklaces, you’re in luck! They’d look so different when done together. It’s double the statement and the impact. Thanks us later.

7. Go for neon for that pop on screen

It’s hard not to miss you in a sea of 20 mini screens over a Skype or Zoom meeting. A cheerful neon hue will make you standout and easier to address, don’t you think?

8. Comfort is key

Inasmuch as we like giving statements, don’t skimp on the comfort. Take something light and breezy too if you’ll spend our sitting on a chair undeterred. This billowy dress per se has all the interesting details of an upper half but at the same time such a joy to wear.