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Backstage At Metrowear 2018: All The Scenes You Didn't See On The Runway

If you ask us, we're still very much on a high from the beautiful show put on by Metrowear Icon Vania Romoff just last Thursday, where a 60-piece collection was unveiled to an adoring audience. 

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Photo: Ryan Ong

You saw beautifully crafted dresses and gowns fit for the modern woman of today—she who isn't afraid to flaunt her femininity via carefully designed frocks meant to show grace and gentleness, yet still maintaining an aura that's powerful and put together. 

What you didn't see though is the electric energy behind the stage—models, makeup artists, stage managers, photographers, seamstresses, and Vania herself going about since the early hours of the day ensuring everyone gets a beautiful show. What you didn't see are the countless months, days, and hours of work put into staging a show as big as Metrowear. Behind the stage and the curtains was an army of people who put much effort and passion into every button, every seam, every eyeshadow application, and every comb stroke. Because of all these unseen efforts, we are able to enjoy less than an hour's worth of a show, one that is embedded into our memory for life!



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Thankfully we have photographers Andrea Beldua and Joseph Pascual to take us back through the hectic backstage scene at #MetrowearIconVania! Check out the dreamy, stunning images they were able to capture here:




Photography by Andrea Beldua


Photography by Joseph Pascual