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Begin With Art: A Review Of Guy Laroche's Fall/Winter 2018 Collection


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The “Art Brut” movement was the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of Guy Laroche. The designer was an avid collector of artwork from this period, which was marked by the Compagnie de l'Art Brut movement, founded in 1948 by Jean Dubuffet, André Breton and a few others artists. The idea of this movement was to put forward the so–called "Outsider Art", a means of analytical expression in psychiatric hospitals.


For Fall/Winter 2018, Guy Laroche’s creative director Richard René showcased his radical, minimalist aesthetic by sticking to an A4 pattern for his entire collection – the rectangular shape being the main cut of the clothes. Rough lines, unfinished edges and crumpled paper are the key elements of the collection. René’s Laroche woman is unafraid to do what she wants because she is confident in her sense of style.


The fabrics mirror this sentiment: Zibeline cashmere, structured jersey, illustrated stretch crepe, wool, laminated cardboard, double layered neoprene, leather, lamé striped chiffon, and unfinished metallic embroideries are the canvases for this collection. The gold dresses and trench coats, plus peplum skirts, are definitely conversation starters, especially when done in these unusual fabrics. Change is a good thing, especially for René who has, literally, a blank page to craft the new Guy Laroche aesthetic.





Photos are courtesy of Michealle Torres Descolognes