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Crisp Summer Essentials From Lady Rustan Spring-Summer 2018

Pia Regala-Hebron with her models for Lady Rustan


Light, casual yet fresh, the latest dose of Lady Rustan is taking those non-fuss essentials into a more delightful perspective. The Spring-Summer collection, as created by designer Pia Regala-Hebron, plays up on the staple jumpsuits, asymmetrical tops, culottes and breezy tops by mixing a rich selection of pastel tones with the usual neutrals. As far as styling goes, these clothes are as easy as they can get; a relaxed but well-tailored fit, a little bit of emphasis on the waist, and a clean, timeless silhouette make these pieces capable of stand-alone wear. ‘Just add a little bit of accessories, like the Silnag Horn Jewelry sported by these models, and you’re good to go for a summer outing.






Photos are courtesy of Lady Rustan