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Design Meets Influence: Tia Lacson Of LuxeSaint In Vancouver Fashion Week 2018


This year, the famously multicultural Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) showcased two emerging talents from Philippines, one of which is Bacolod-based designer and influencer, Tia Lacson, who also spearheads her own brand LuxeSaint. But before she even begins her show, Tia had already made a big splash in VFW.

As the first pick in VFW’s #InfluencerSpotlight, Tia and other influencers got full-reign social media takeover for the exciting day. Arguably, she is the first talent to be invited as both designer and digital influencer, two traits that go hand-in-hand to define her brand. According to Tia, being an influencer had its indirect effect on her design process, “I had ideas on what kinds of clothes would look good in pictures.”, she says, knowing that OOTD shots these days are the ultimate stamp-of-approval from a client. “So I had to take into consideration the fact that people would love taking pictures while wearing my clothes, because they feel and look amazing in it.”


True enough, much of the celebrities that have worn LuxeSaint, are a fashionable set, who do put extra attention on their outfit shares in Instagram. Fashionistas like Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Toni Gonzaga and Camille Co are just a few personalities who have shown-off Tia’s designs.



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Apart from the Instagram-friendly angle, Tia’s design for LuxeSaint is so easy to love, primarily because of its classic, feminine charm. It combines familiar elements like ruffled dresses, floral motifs and lace; but at the same time, there its silhouettes allow for “unrestricted dressing”, enough for some street-style action, and not necessarily restricted to formal wear.


Having delivered her social media skills, and design prowess on the runway, Tia and her dreamy designs at LuxeSaint are off to an exciting future ahead, beginning with this stint at VFW. “I loved the whole idea of being able to showcase your collection and your work of art on an international scale.”, she says. “I’d definitely always remember this experience, since this was my first show outside Bacolod.”



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The experience, Tia remarks, was exciting, exhausting and emotional. But once the models walk the stage, heads high in her creations, and the sound of applause, “It all becomes worth it.”






Photos by Simon Armstrong, courtesy of Vancouver Fashion Week