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Designer To Princesses Amir Sali Concludes Philippine Fashion Week With A Collection Inspired By Strong Women

Concluding Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018 is Amir Sali, interior designer turned ‘Prince of Beads’.

Known for his intricate embellishments and extravagant beadwork, the Filipino designer is celebrated around the world for his haute couture pieces, creating remarkable dresses for princesses in the Middle East and iconic numbers for Hollywood. In an interview with Metro.Style last February, the designer shares he’s happy he’s broken gender stereotypes in the fashion industry, adding that “beadwork isn’t just for women. What’s important is that you enjoy what you’re doing.”

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Aside from impeccable details, another Amir Sali trademark is the influence of his faith in his creations. “I am not religious but I am very spiritual,” he quips. In fact, most of his fashion shows are influenced by the Bible: Simplified Glory in 2016, The Garden of Eden in 2017, and most recently, The Woman—a collection inspired by “sisters all over the world who fought for and believed in love”.

Translating his interpretations into the runway, ‘The Woman’ is a full collection depicting Bible characters Mary Magdalene, Esther, and Rahab, and Filipina heroines Gabriela Silang and Tandang Sora. It features feminine silhouettes, elaborate floral and crystal embellishments, and impressive technique. A parade of nude, beige, and muted pink, a single dress stands out from the color scheme: the finale piece representing God is a silver metallic ensemble. 

Amir Sali’s show is a celebration of local fashion—a reminder that the art of Filipino haute couture is alive and striving, making its mark both here and in the international fashion scene.



View his collection below.

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Photos by Pat Buenaobra