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Dress Your Man Up In The Season's Latest Blues

The men in our lives deserve to look A+ too, while us ladies make sure we've got our style down pat. While some guys know their fashion pretty well, you gotta admit, some of them are pretty clueless too. It's our job as the women in their lives to give them style advice (whether they like it or not!) 

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This definitely doesn't mean forcing him into a suit, bow ties, or leather shoes if he's not into that dapper look. Why not try giving your man some advice in the casual department—where he's most likely slacking off! A good place to start is styling his denim jeans, something he mostly likely has in his closet already! Read on for styling ideas you can try STAT:


A classic combination of denim and plaid is a no-fail way to style your guy. Plaid shirts are available in stores all-year-round, and they're versatile in a way that you can dress it up or down. Short-sleeves are generally for casual occasions, while long-sleeves are perfect for work. Sling an of-the-moment bag for a fresh twist!


Layer two similar colors for his tops to come up with a cool monochromatic vibe. Dark denims generally work well with most colors, and have the ability to make his frame appear taller and longer. 


Bold stripes have made a comeback, and look especially cool on your man. Whether it's a t-shirt or a button-down top, bold stripes are a great option for when he wants to make a subtle but stylish statement. Black denim jeans are a great pick for dressier occasions, and work well for casual occasions too—just be sure to cuff them for a rugged touch!


Breathe life back into his summery floral top by layering it with a long sleeved top, and voila—a brand new look! To keep things together, pair with a trusty pair of blue jeans and white sneaks, the fail-safe combo for looking cool!


Denim on denim used to be a no-no, but with the right styling techniques, it can be done right! Take this outfit for example: A dark wash denim jacket with dark denim jeans makes for a sleek, cool look for your man. Accessorize with key pieces like a sling bag, a subtle chain detail, and utilitarian sneakers to finish off the look!