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Frills And Frou Frou Were Big Hits At The Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

We've had our fair share of minimalism the past few seasons, with designer labels like Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Jacquemus, Victoria Beckham, and Salvatore Ferragamo serving their best 'less is more' aesthetic we've come to adore.

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Who doesn't love the ability of a simple tee and tailored trousers to upgrade your style effortlessly? Simplicity, and being able to make do with very little has its own level of chic, one that requires an innate sense of style to pull off. But while we are big believers in the power of minimalism, sometimes it's also a good idea to go all out, and go the overtly feminine route once in a while. Ruffles, glitters, big skirts, frills and fringes—all of these are winners in our book! 


Michael Sta. Maria


At the recently concluded Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, we saw creations from a handful of designers who are one with us in celebrating all things frilly and frou frou, serving as a nod to the need for a break from minimalism. We saw Michael Sta. Maria bring his A-game in creating frocks that speak to our inner girly girls—think sheer cocktail dresses, excessive embellishments, and ruffly details paired with black accents and boy shoes, the perfect way to balance the look.


Egay Ayag gave us a serving of sheer ruffle-inspired power shoulders, while Edgar Buyan did his best rendition of floral Filipiniana chic via ornate skirts, and equally beautiful ruffled shoulder blouses. Benjie Panizales wowed with his pearl-encrusted evening gowns, all ready to be worn for your next formal gala, and last but not least, Bamba Limon gave us fringed to perfection frocks with brocade elements that make for an unexpected feminine statement. 

Check out some of the highlights from some of the prettiest frilly, frou frou shows this season: 


Michael Sta. Maria



Egay Ayag


Edgar Buyan


Benjie Panizales


Bamba Limon


Check out more highlights from Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Day 3:


1—Kwak Hyun Joo; 2—Dexter Alazas; 3—Dodjie Batu; 4—Emi Englis; 5—Windel Mira


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Photography Daniel Soriano