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Here's Your Exclusive Sneak Peek At The Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Collections

For its ninth season, the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival brings us yet another roster of exciting fashion shows that further puts both local and foreign talent on the fashion map! This year, a great mix of industry veterans, fashion scene mainstays, and up-and-coming designers head to the Edsa Shangri-La from October 16 to 19, to give us our much needed dose of original designs. 

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Lucky for you, we at Metro got an exclusive first look at some of the hottest pieces to be shown on the runways, so you can get excited for what's in store! Scroll further to see more.


Michael Sta. Maria

Succulently sweet, if this design from Michael Sta. Maria is any indication of what the entire collection looks like, then we know we're in for a saccharine good time! Lace, ruffles, and volume are all having a moment right now, so we're bound to find a piece (or three) to satisfy our feminine mood!


Kaye Morales, Renan Pacson, Patrick Lazol

We're not going to see streetwear go anywhere anytime soon, and if we're carefully taking notes, we know that the direction is to embrace the oversized looks at Kaye Morales' "Transit", Patrick Lazol's "Indayog", and Renan Pacson's take on casual menswear.

On Erla: Kaye Morales; on Philippe: Renan Pacson; on Diane: Patrick Lazol


Chris Nick, KC Pusing

Channeling the subtle sexiness of a sleek black evening dress and a well-tailored gentleman's suit, Chris Nick knows that some things need not be over-the-top to create an impact. These pieces are the ones you'll love to have in your closet without much debate. KC Pusing brings us into a fun era of androgynous dressing via tailored separates with a fun twist!

On Erla and Philippe: Chris Nick; on Diane: KC Pusing


JP Francisco

Tulle is not going anywhere this season, as seen in international runways and local ones alike. JP Francisco takes advantage of this hot trend of-the-moment and puts his personal stamp on it via "Adrift", a collection that "portrays a catastrophic voyage that emerges in something alluring."


Arin, Dodjie Batu, Bamba Limon

Black and white—a combination so common yet so strikingly enduring and current, one can rediscover ways to rock it season after season. Arin takes us on an edgy/sexy ride with pieces you'll love to take out on a spin, Dodjie Batu's "Studs and Weaves" collection promises contemporary separates, while Bamba Limon's "Diwata" line focuses on loungewear to eveningwear in soft, flowy silhouettes. 

On Erla: Arin; on Philippe: Dodjie Batu; on Diane: Bamba Limon


Windel Mira

"Blank Blot"—Windel Mira's interpretation of water movements in sporty casual pieces that integrates pattern algorithm which are digitally manipulated in printing and draping to mimic water. 


Wilbur Lang

Wilbur Lang pays homage to Katharine Hepburn's delicate, clean, classy sense of style. Expect to see touches of intertwined masculine, sporty and sexy, with dark romantic, 'Wiccan' aesthetic. 


Protacio, Steph Tan

Giving us feminine vibes are these pieces from Protacio, which speaks so much of the designer's true aesthetic, and Steph Tan, whose "At the Stroke of Midnight" collection recreates the intricacy and beauty of the lush rainforest at night through the use of different materials, colors, and silhouettes. 

On Diane: Protacio; on Erla: Steph Tan


Dexter Alazas

This look reminds us of sunny days where cruising under the sun is top priority. Lounging in luxury in stylish, comfortable, and versatile resortwear is the mood we channel with this ensemble.


Philipp Tampus, Benjie Panizales

Obviously ornate and festive, these creations speak to the woman who is not afraid to dress to the nines, and let everyone know it. Benjie's pearl-encrusted pieces holds more meaning than it appears, though, as the designer shared that "this collection honors the the Badjao tribe and the Sulu pearls as exotic wonders of the south."

On Erla, Philipp Tampus; on Diane, Benjie Panizales


Dak Bonite

Inspire excitement—such is the vibe Dak Bonite injects into pieces in the "Euphoria" collection. Dak shares that every pieces is meant for "celebrating tolerance for diversity, individuality, sexuality and the invalidity of value judgments applied to different ways of life."


Reynier Abello, Lucia Josephine

Reynier Abello's "Garden of Earthly Delights", the designer takes inspiration from the corruption inside pragmatic institutions like religion and cults. The opposing forces of religious observance and moral decomposition within such communities was a fascinating takeoff point for a collection that hinges towards strict tailoring while also veering towards deconstruction." On the other hand, Aussie young designer Lucia Josephine "celebrates true beauty, refocusing our attention to detail in a world oversaturated with superficiality. More than a collection. This is the resurrection of an ideal. This is, the Renascence."

On Philippe: Reynier Abello; on Erla: Lucia Josephine


Emi Englis, Jun Escario

All white, all right! Stripping down to a clean slate of fresh whites is ideal for refocusing to details that matter. Take for example Emi Englis' "Sol" collection, which takes cue from literally the sun and the statics after being blinded by its light, while Jun Escario takes cue from the elegance of the 70s via "1972".
On Diane: Emi Englis; on Erla: Jun Escario


Edgar Buyan, Marichu Tan

Edgar Buyan's "MindaNow" is an "ethnomodern fusion of indigenous elements and contemporary details juxtaposed in silhouettes with visual narratives that herald a pride of place for the globe-trotting muse." Very much in tune with the industry's newfound love for all things ethnic, Edgar prides himself in creating pieces that truly resonates with today. Marichu Tan on the other hand speaks of a "Romantic Serenade", where structured details on collars and bodices are created to merge the tailored with subtly flowy pieces. 

On Erla: Edgar Buyan; on Diane: Marichu Tan


Chris Diaz, Egay Ayag

In a line, Chris Diaz' "Camino" collection speaks of "subversive rockabilly-esque and 1950's roadside motel seduction." Egay Ayag's play on ethnic materials and constructed into structured pieces is once again a nod to the local love movement we've been seeing across the fashion scene as of late.

On Erla: Chris Diaz; on Diane: Egay Ayag


Not sure when to watch between Oct 16-19? Check out the schedule for this week:


Produced by Kate Paras-Santiago
Photography Gee Plamenco
Assisted by Gio Marasigan and Miguel Brono
Styling Myrrh Lao To 
Assisted by Carvey Samonte
Makeup/Grooming/Hair @mpschoolofmakeupartistry
Models Philippe Escalambre, Erla Garcia, and Diane Angeles
Special thanks to Ronnie Cruz and Mike Cabbo