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In Love With Linen: Vania Romoff’s High Summer ’18 Collection Opens Bench Fashion Week

Opening the first day of Bench Fashion Week, Vania Romoff already sets the tone for the runway, and the season ahead with her flouncey, feminine repertoire. Strictly speaking, there is not much ‘new’ cuts and designs in this High Summer ’18 collection sampler; and in fact, certain looks are a re-invention of Vania Romoff classics, like the Dahlia top and Daniella pants. But what gives this seasonal line-up its twist is the spotlight on linen fabrics, the “perfect fabric choice for the summer” she states in her Instagram stories.


Vania Romoff takes a bow after her show


The popularity of linen as a summer essential has been established in the past, and indeed, it is one of the ideal pieces for a tropical climate. With its cooling fibers and durable weaving properties, linen generally allows for greater airflow and breathability. With this, Vania constructs a collection that’s relatively loyal to her brand, featuring staple elements we adore, like statement bows, ruffled sleeves and billowing skirts. All with a more summer-friendly touch, of course, playing up on more florals, large knits and even pockets (much to her delight)!


With “this is just the beginning” teased in her Instagram stories highlights, we can safely assume more surprises ahead from Vania Romoff; perhaps more linen creations, customized pieces and store specials for a collection that’s reminiscent of summer daydreams.




Photo by Ronan Capili.