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Life Underwater On Runway: Krizia Jimenez Fall/Winter Collection “Atlantica” In Vancouver Fashion Week

Photo by Arun Nevader of Getty Images


Wrapping up Vancouver Fashion Week’s (VFW) electrifying Fall/Winter season, is Filipino-designer Krizia Jimenez, who is one of two designers set for the grand-finale of the week. As if to signal the approach of summer, Krizia’s Fall collection “Atlantica” is a homage to life in the seas, arguably where we all aim to unwind in the warmer holidays ahead.


But Atlantica isn’t your usual bikini-inspired oceanic collection—far from it; instead of the skin-hugging form, Krizia materializes volume. Puffed fabric, ruffles, layers of pleats and even a hint of tentacles create a swelling silhouette, as if lifted by currents underwater. It’s a very familiar element to anyone who lives in a marine-rich country. 



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“The Philippines is abundant with such wonderful creatures and scenery.”, remarks Krizia, who in her dives has picked up the mysteries of the sea. “I wanted to be able to translate what I saw and felt underwater into my pieces, [to] infuse a new style perspective while intertwining new concepts with my old ones.”



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With superb design and construction skills, Krizia is able to showcase a more intricate, avante-garde-yet-wearable side of fashion; she’s certainly made an impression to audiences, much in the same way Vancouver Fashion Week has to her. “It’s been quite overwhelming and fulfilling all at the same time. It’s an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I am truly grateful for the opportunity. Participating at VFW has been such a pleasure.”, she says, commending the organization’s efforts for multiculturalism. “Their environment is very open to change, and that’s what made it more inspiring for me.”





Runway Photos by Jose Manuel

Lead Photos by Arun Nevader of Getty Images

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