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Nostalgia At Work: A Review Of Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2018

Joseph Altuzarra wanted to bring us back to childhood days, living on the Left bank in Paris. His venue for his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was La Coupole, a famous brasserie in the 14th arrondissement, which instantly gave this show something special.



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"Last season, I was inspired by a ?ctional character, the idea of a fantastical warrior woman. This season as I'm nearing our 10 year anniversary, I have been thinking a lot instead about the Altuzarra woman and the friends and family who embody the brand. The collection grew around the idea of memories of women I grew up with - from my mother getting dressed for work; and my teachers, to women I saw on the street in Paris in the Eighties, and those in the pages of magazines. I was also inspired by the women I work with, the women I am friends with, and the multiplicity of roles they play in their own lives. This is the through-line this collection was built around,” says Altuzarra about his inspiration for this season.


Pin-striped tailored skirts with double cropped jackets and cinched at the waist, it’s easy to see how the modern day corporate woman can take this look straight off the runway. The Bohemian dresses with tiny flower prints can be easily worn at your neighbor’s next garden party. These are clothes that are made more to be wardrobe staples than statement pieces and the practicality of this collection is worth the investment.




Photos by Jodie Chan