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ELLERY Takes Their First Steps Into The World Of Couture

Inspired by a curator and her personal collection, ELLERY is approaching the traditional art form with the cerebral woman in mind.

"I want to make clothing for a woman who dresses for herself—not for anyone else. This is a celebration of a new ELLERY woman and as a woman myself I want nothing more than to create clothing from a female point of view,” says designer Kim Ellery.

The collection embraces the brand's signature and amplifies it; volumes of volume, illustrious and inventive fabrications, and the ever-present connection between the masculine and feminine. Delicate webbed lace with dense graphic beading is draped across sharp tailoring, softening the silhouette. Man-style tailoring boasts strong shoulders and sculptural forward-facing sleeves whilst open cuffed cigarette pants frame the foot. Sculptural draping twists and turns as it follows the female form.

This strong, first showing places Ellery as a brand to watch out for in the coming season.





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