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Here’s Where To Find Summer Outfits For Women Of All Ages, Shapes, And Styles!

Summer is always a great excuse to dress up and dress down—and we’re done trying to conform to what society thinks is beautiful or right to wear.

Whatever shape or size you are, whatever age group you belong to, or whatever style you adhere to, the secret to being stylish and fab is not wearing what’s in or what’s trending—it’s wearing you. Wearing what makes you feel beautiful and owning your own brand of beauty.


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This is exactly what SM Woman wants to promote: be your own woman, wear your own style, #FashionForEveryWoman. And with SM Woman’s wide range of styles, cuts, and collections, there’s always something for every woman.

This advocacy of being the brand that’s for every kind of woman shows in SM Woman’s range of ambassadors and influencers, who have been with the brand throughout the years. Curvy and power women like Bituin Escalante and Kat Gumabao are leading the revolution of loving yourself. Even seasoned photographers Sara Black and Shaira Luna are relocating from behind the camera to walking the runway to showcase their trust and love for the brand.

Bituin Escalante


Kat Gumabao


Sara Black


Shaira Luna


And of course, we can’t help but hoot and cheer for the revolutionary couple that inspired us to embrace ourselves and believe that love knows no rules: Joey Mead King and Angie Mead King. The couple sashayed down the runway as fierce women who found comfort and security in their own skin.

Joey Mead King


Angie Mead King


“SM Woman really is for every type and flavor and rhythm and spice of woman. Whatever your expression of woman you are, SM woman has got you,” Joey says when asked about what keeps her in SM Woman clothes. As the host of Metro Channel’s Women of Style, she also adds, “A woman of style is very comfortable with who they are, someone who can walk around in a room naked with total love for herself.


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Jo Dy-Juanco, senior vice-president for SM Store events, reaffirms the lengths that SM Woman goes to to cater to the different needs and wants of different women. For her, you don’t have to work too hard to fit in a certain type of dress or clothing; the clothes should do the work for you.

Jo says, “Every woman has a different type of body. And we like everyone to enjoy your clothes. I want it to be real. I don’t like it when people say fashion is hard work. It has to be comfortable and it has to be really you. This is near our skin everyday, and if it’s going to be difficult for you, how can you enjoy your day?”

This kind of love for fashion and for femininity has attracted the support of celebrities, journalists, influencers, and talented women to the brand. Also spotted at the SM Woman Meet-Up Fashion Show were Bubbles Paraiso, Divine Lee, Angely Dub, Frenchie Dy, Janeena Chan, Laura Lehman, Katarina Rodriguez, Marie Lozano, and Phoemela Baranda.




SM Woman’s summer collection is now available in all The SM Store branches. And before this month ends, in celebration of the International Women’s Month, you can get your hands on select SM Women items for up to 50 percent off.