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The Modern Kaftan: Rustan’s Debuts Moroccan Fashion Brand Zaïn To Philippines

Fashion truly connects, whether it be cultures, time and cause. Last week, as part of their Moroccan Festival feature, Rustan’s invited the inspiring designer Fatim-Zahra Ettalbi to showcase her brand, Zaïn. In an intimate setting, constructed to replicate a luxurious tent, Zaïn gave us a glimpse of the wonders of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, and its potential for the modern lifestyle.


Designer Fatim-Zahra Ettalbi of Zaïn with her models


Zaïn, which means “beautiful” in Arabic, is potent with meaning and goals as set by its founder, Fatim-Zahra Ettalbi; it is also the name of her mother, an ambitious woman who remains an inspiration to her today. Zaïs has 3 aims, Fatim shares: First is to support women artisans and their families; second, to simplify the lifestyle of the socially conscious woman; and last but not least, to “take Moroccan fashion out of its comfort zone.”

Moroccan fashion is mostly recognized for its elaborate wedding dresses known as “kaftans”, explains Fatim. Silky flowing silhouettes, intricate beadworks, embroidery and the richest of colors are employed into making one kaftan; but now, she says, it’s time to take Moroccan style away from the ceremonial limitations, and into the modern lifestyle.



“I am so excited, and I am so impressed with Filipinos—how open minded they are, and how open they are to other cultures!” says Fatim, who recently visited Philippines for the first time to unveil her collection at Rustan’s. She recounts how, during her early year with Zaïn, she discovered that Filipinos were one of her staunch clientele, with impressive sales online and in airports. That being said, her hopes are high that she will meet more Filipino clientele in the luxury department store. “This really makes me happy and encouraged me to bring [my brand] here in the Philippines. I’m so happy that Rustan’s trusted Zaïn!”





Zaïn is available exclsively in Rustan's Makati. Hurry while supplies last! 

Photos are courtesy of Visions & Expressions