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These Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Designers Dress The Androgynous Fashion Crowd

We live in the day and age of crossing borders, defying rules, and embracing inclusivity across all industries, and that includes the world of fashion. What once used to be a strict manner of dressing based on gender has now become dissolved and fluid in the name of uniqueness and individuality. Unisex is the word on everyone's minds.

Long gone are the days of expecting a woman to don a figure-hugging cocktail dress, and a man to wear a suit to the workplace. While these are perfectly still acceptable, it has also become well-accepted for a woman to don a baggy sweatsuit with heels, or a man to experiment with skin-tight shirts and skirts. While Manila is still considered as conservative in this sense, we applaud a string of local designers who keep pushing the limits to what Filipino fashion can achieve and contribute to the local and international style scene today. We are becoming co-ed, we are inching our way to inclusivity. 

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At the recently concluded Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, we saw such style statements in the shows of talented designers Renan Pacson, KC Pusing, Kaye Morales, and Patrick Lazol—all one in the spirit of daring to go beyond the norm.


We saw Renan Pacson create a collection of '90s denim and handkerchief print-inspired separates that go beyond the typical flannel or tattered jeans. He was able to create pullovers that both men and women might like, baggy shorts that are all comfort and style, robes, and pseudo skirts the men can play around with. 

From L to R: Renan Pacson, Kaye Morales, KC Pusing, Patrick Lazol

At Kaye Morales' show, the veteran streetwear designer wowed with an army of models decked in Kaye Morales original prints, and standout jackets that are statements on their own. Speaking of statements, such was made by KC Pusing in her neutral-toned collection of separates you can mix and match, and exchange with your man when you feel like it. Comfort, cut, and a high level of fluidity exists in such a standout collection. Last but not least, Patrick Lazol gave us school girl chic but not of the prep school kind. Think asymmetrical button-down shirts, disproportionate twinsets, plaid accents, pleated skirts and specs—the kind of styling a cool kid in school would do. 

Check out some of the highlights from our favorite androgynous shows this season:


Renan Pacson



Kaye Morales



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KC Pusing



Patrick Lazol

Check out more highlights from the Panasonic Fashion Festival Day 2:


1—Reynier Abello; 2—Chris Diaz; 3 & 4—Wilbur Lang; 5—Kelvin Morales; 6—Juan Paolo; 7—Yong Davlos


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Photography Daniel Soriano