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These Retro-Inspired Outfits At The Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Are Perfect For A Dance Party!

The first night of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 9 highlighted a lot of noteworthy trends, including those with a hint of nostalgia. Spotted all over the runway were retro-inspired pieces—we're talking about silhouettes and colorways of yesteryear, reinterpreted by the local veteran designers and emerging young talents of today.

Rob Ortega's collection boasts of throwback details that have been well-loved by fashionistas across generations, including fringes and puffed sleeves. By injecting modern day touches like flattering, form-fitting cuts, he turned his pieces ultra wearable—and we're dying to add them to our wardrobes.

On the other handDak Bonite's vibrant collection was simply unforgettable. Opened by two female models clad in neon pink walking the runway hand in hand, the designer and LGBT advocate tells Metro.Style that his show was inspired by diversity, individuality, and sexuality. A metallic dress with tiered ruffles was a standout—a stylish ode to the classic '80s silhouette.

Finally, Chris Nick's collection exudes subtle sexiness with nothing but black, white, and navy pieces. One didn't need to hear the disco music playing in the background to know that this set was '70-inspired (although we'd be lying if we said it wasn't hard not to bop our heads to the beat). From the moment his first creation came out on stage—an asymmetrical dress featuring a sultry high slit, worn together with a funky black turban, the audience knew a trip to the past was about to commence. And frankly, we were on board. Featuring shoulder pads (a classic!), fur, and minimal bling here and there, his sleek, well-tailored pieces are classy interpretations of the era of disco. Minimalist, but surprising, with ultra stylish twists. 

Keep scrolling to know what exactly we're talking about. From quirky bell sleeves and vibrant hues, to gold sequins and polka dot stockings, these retro-inspired pieces will make you wish you could go disco, stat.


Rob Ortega


Dak Bonite


Lucia Josephine

Cheetah Rivera


Chris Nick



Veejay Floresca


Jun Escario


Photos by Daniel Soriano