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Traditions Of Rebellion: A Look Into Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2018

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2018 In New York Fashion Week


Exaggeration. It was a tool of the eighties, in hair height and shoulder width, to emphasize the presence of a woman in an era that challenged the definition of femininity. Sharp lines, broad frames, and pantsuits spoke of a new breed of career woman, one that was unafraid to bend to tradition.


Indeed, as we take a look at today’s feminist movement, gaining new momentum as the youth find more platforms to participate and voice their demands for equality, there is a similar rebellious spirit in our streets.


Large hats, and statement volume


Marc Jacobs once again succinctly captures the past and present in his collection this season. A refreshing removal from the world of skin and selfies, the women’s faces unrecognizable under the shadows of broad brimmed hats, not an inch of flesh seen from neck to ankle, the presentation almost resembled a march; a strike of sorts that allured me to no end. While the brand of feminism for some includes unabashed freedom and a demand to strip the female form of objectification by normalizing nudity, the freeing of nipples, and the growing of body hair, there is something gleefully sinister in depriving access. Cloaking curves in wide, loose fitting garments. Using the pants as a gender power play.


A brilliant and timely statement for Marc Jacobs, whose shows continue to give New York Fashion Week a daring and competitive edge.