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Understated Elegance: The Rosa Clará 2019 Collection Is Meant For The Effortlessly Chic Bride

Watching a bridal fashion show is sort of like a fairy tale—you get first-hand access to the latest gowns of the dreamiest kind, with the permission to drift into a daydream. Whether you're married, about to tie the knot, or still looking for your prince charming, a bridal fashion show makes for one of the most beautiful shows you will ever watch, and would never tire of attending. 


Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barcelona, Spain - the beautiful venue for Rosa Clará's bridal fashion week show
Photo by Kate Paras using the Fuji XA-5


Lucky for us, we got invited to Spanish bridal house Rosa Clará's stunning show at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week a few days ago, and to say that we left the venue on cloud nine is an understatement. Having been given front row access to the collection was a dream, as model after model emerged on the runway in the most effortlessly chic designs, all tailored for the bride who is looking for a dress that doesn't need much to stand out. 


These dresses are not of the usual kind—nothing too outrageous or ornate here, but equally enamoring nonetheless. Silhouettes were kept to a slim minimum, with hints of a train on some, but most fell on the sleek, sexy, yet understated side of the spectrum. We imagine these dresses to be perfect for weddings set on the beach, or in a seductive city setting, where the bride cannot be bothered by too much frou frou—only the right amount of drama. 

Photo by Kate Paras using the Fuji XA-5


We like to call a lot of these gowns sexy, but don't get us wrong—they're not suggestive in the wrong sense, but rather, they show just the right amount of skin in the right places, allowing the bride to show a bit of sensuality on her big day without the risk of looking cheap. Rosa Clará does this best via designs that speak to today's modern bride—one who is confident in her own skin. 

Photo by Kate Paras using the Fuji XA-5


Princess brides are not to be left out though, for this collection features a couple of numbers made for one who is looking for just the right amount of volume, complemented by a sexy, figure-hugging top. Rosa Clará sure knows a thing or two about striking a balance between the fantastical and the real—one that is hard to come by. 

Photo by Kate Paras using the Fuji XA-5


The collection looked cohesively chic, each design a standout on its own, catering to every kind of bride looking for a dream gown to come to life. Every piece was complemented by a clean 'do and larger-than-life earrings, a nod to the fashion world's obsession with said accessories. While the dress is already a statement in itself, adding this unexpected detail on your big day makes a world of difference!


Photo by Kate Paras using the Fuji XA-5


With that, we say bravo to Señora Rosa Clará, the legend behind the wildly successful bridal house that's a cult favorite among brides the world over. We can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve next!


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Rosa Clará is located at The Residences at Greenbelt and S Maison.