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What's New At Hip Website Zalora?

(L-R) Rhett Eala, Ivar Aseron, Maxene Magalona, John Herrera, Dennis Lustico and Paulo Campos, co-founder of Zalora Philippines


Earlier this month, e-commerce platform Zalora kicked off the holiday shopping spirit with their Fashion’s Night Out celebration. Runway shows, shopping events, along with good eats and company carried through the night, all in the name of making fashion more accessible in the Philippine market.

Zalora co-founder, Paulo Campos, highlights his vision for this season’s celebration, and possibly the next fashion ventures ahead. Rather than going “too haute couture”, Zalora insists on making fashion available for everyone, at a click of the button. But to achieve it, the company has to overhaul their efforts, such was the case in this Fashion Night Out.

“We thought it through in the production [of Fashion’s Night Out] not to use the standard fashion show.”, explains Paulo. As part of their mission to make fashion more accessible, here are the three exciting directions Zalora Philippines has set as of the event.


‘New Essentails Collection’

In partnership with Fashion Exchange International, Zalora Philippines aims to regularly collaborate with local designers, to create their own unique interpretations of apparel basics. This season, designers such as Dennis Lustico, Ivar Aseron, John Herrera and Rhett Eala, were each given free reign to design their ideal basics.


“We’re very excited to feature all of them. They are great luminaries of fashion.”, says Paulo, happy that all four designers shared the company’s goal in making great design more affordable for a broader market. He explains, “The majority of our sales are even outside Metro Manila, so Filipinos around the country get to enjoy the best of fashion.”


The ‘See Now, Buy Now’ Model

Following the footsteps of bullish fashion brands, like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford and Moschino, Zalora’s Fashion Night Out implemented their own ‘See Now, Buy Now’ system, in which customers can immediately buy the clothes on the runway. No need to wait another season; all clothes are now available online.

Paulo Campos takes the stage in Zalora's Fashion Night Out


“In planning for this, we were able to line up the supply chain side, as well as the launching of the brand, so that we’d be able to launch [the collections] today.” Introducing this model to the Philippine market is quite a gamble, which Paulo is fully aware of, but it also has incredible potential. He envisions a scenario wherein a client could watch the Zalora Facebook livestream all the way from Davao, immediately seeing the affordable price of the items, and buying it straight within minutes. “It’s really about making fashion accessible to everyone.”


The Style Stars

Instead of relying too much on models, Zalora implemented their Style Stars roster, a line-up of 100 influencers who each wore their unique styles to showcase on the runway. The Style Stars have been carefully selected by the company in an effort to “boldly represent diversity in fashion,” and included fashion mavens like Jake Ejercito, Janeena Chan, Aryanna Epperson, Victor Basa and Maxene Magalona.

As Paulo explains, each of these influencers have a “kind of niched influence across different parts of our social life here in the Philippines, which is quite representative of how Zalora is able to cater to different styles and tastes.” All of this, he remarks proudly, is proof that no matter what your preference, there’s something for you at Zalora.



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