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5 Fashionable Risks You Have To Take, According To Maymay Entrata

Once in a while, a star comes along and just manages to wow us with her sheer charm. Such is the effect of rising star Maymay Entrata, with legions of fans watching her every move. We've come to know her these past few months, and truth be told, it seems like she does have that certain je ne sais quois, or that X factor that millions are drawn to. 

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So what is it, exactly, that fans adore about Maymay? Some would say her acting skills, others would say she has pretty good vocal chops, while a lot would say it's her realness that's truly captivating. We say it's a mix of all these, and more! This young morena star is model-esque, has a presence, and just manages to have fun with whatever she does—a factor that plays a big role in the challenging world of showbiz. 


Photo: Dookie Ducay


We now shift our focus on the fun she has with fashion—something she quite daringly experiments with. She is obviously #blessed with a svelte, model-like figure that's just a joy to dress up! We narrow down five of our favorite Maymay fashion moments, and let you in on why these stylish risks work! 


1. Best of both worlds

Maymay gives us a lesson on mixing the dressy with the rugged in this outfit that just seems to work. The trick? Don't go all out rugged with distressed jeans. You can give it a lady-like twist by pairing it with feminine pieces like tulle or softer colors like lilac or pink. Oh, and don't you forget to pair it with sky high heels for that extra oomph!

Photo: Team RainxEm


2. Mod about you

A 60s-inspired silhouette is a great alternative to body-hugging cocktail dresses, as shown by Maymay in this outfit. Paired with nude cage heels and a clean 'do, this is simplicity at its finest. Choose an age-appropriate color to suit your look best! 

Photo: Team RainXEm


3. It was all yellow

Who says morena-skinned ladies can't rock yellow? Do as Maymay does in this structured minidress that perfectly complements her skintone as well as those long legs. Pair with minimal accessories like classic hoop earrings and metallic heels to punctuate the look!

Photo: Team RainXEm


4. Fringed benefits

There's no better time to rock tulle and feathers than now! Seen all over the fashion runways as well as on the red carpet, these rather girly details are the obsession du jour by fashionistas the world over. Maymay does justice to this look by combining the two together, a severe side-part, minimal stud earrings, and a whole lot of attitude!

Photo: Team RainXEm


5. Belle of the ball

A woman deserves a Cinderella moment at least once in her life, and while most consider their wedding day to be it, some prefer to create such a moment for other special occasions as well. Maymay at last year's Star Magic Ball was a vision in white in this pearl-encrusted Mark Bumgarner creation, where she sashayed on the red carpet in her signature model-like stature. Best-dressed for sure!

Photo: Team RainXEm


Can't get enough of Maymay's #inspo-worthy fashion moments? We gathered more of our favorite fashion moments here. Check them out:




Lead photos by Dookie Ducay
Outfit photos via Team RainXEm