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Catriona Gray's Gown To The Miss Universe Finals Was Inspired By This Philippine Volcano!

Say hello to our new Miss Universe!


There she is! Our Queen, Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018! ?????? #MissUniverse #CatrionaGray

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Catriona Gray bagged the crown at the 67th Miss Universe pageant, and we couldn't be any prouder! Watch the iconic moment below:


PHILIPPINES REPRESENT! ?????? Catriona Gray takes the crown as Miss Universe 2018! #MissUniverse

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On the evening of the finals, the 24-year-old singer and beauty queen donned a magnificent red gown dubbed as "MAYON: Fiery and Lovely Perfection" by Filipino designer Mak Tumang. According to the couturier, the Miss Universe paid homage to her roots by wearing a creation inspired by the prominent and iconic Mayon Volcano

Photo: Mak Tumang


In a Facebook post today, Mak explained why they chose to represent the iconic Philippine volcano through Catriona's final gown:

The prominent and iconic Mayon Volcano is the penultimate inspiration for this creation. It is dubbed as the ‘perfect cone’ because of its symmetric conical form. Folk tales have it that it was named after the mythological heroine ‘Daragang Magayon’ (Beautiful Lady). Despite its pulchritude is the fact that it is the most active volcano in the Philippines erupting numerous times in the past half a millennium. Catriona can be considered as the modern-day Daragang Magayon. She embodies the Filipina’s beauty, intelligence and burning passion. This lady is definitely on fire! Watch her erupt right before your very eyes and let the lava of grace, goodness and hope flow.


Photo: Mak Tumang


It was also just last week when Catriona's signature 'lava walk' trended on social media, which makes this dress even more perfect!



For more behind-the-scenes photos, scroll through this gallery:


Photos: Mak Tumang

Congratulations to Mak Tumang for such a beautifully-crafted dress—and of course, to our queen Catriona Gray for making our country proud!


Lead photos via Metro Magazine and Mak Tumang