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Designer Zandra Lim For A Cause

Designer Zandra Lim is known for her Bridal gowns—noted for her intricate detailing and sparking embellishments. When she approached Discovery Primea to mount her Fashion show with a cause this September, it would seem that serendipity was in the air, as the Makati Hotel saw the show as an opportunity to mount a Crystal Bridal Fair, and have the show as a centrepiece to the weekend event.


So come September 15 and 16, a host of wedding suppliers and organisers will be on display at Discovery Primea. As for Zandra, her show happens on the evening of September 15, and a silent auction of the fashion show pieces will be held on the 16th, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity. 



Sales and donations will go to support patients battling cancer at St. Luke’s Quezon City. The connection to this advocacy is twofold —Zandra’s husband, Dr. Mars Imasa, is an oncologist, and he would always bewail of the delays and even premature termination of chemotherapy for patients due to financial difficulties.

Secondly, Zandra herself is a BS Pharmacy graduate of UST, it’s just that her love for Fashion & Design took over, brought her to Milan and London, and had her establishing her fashion Atelier in 2003. 

There will be 48 pieces shown on the 15th—for brides, debutantes, for the whole wedding entourage including the men, the ninongs and ninangs, and the bridesmaids, down to the flower girls and ring bearers. Zandra’s aesthetic is all about elegance, and creations that can also be worn on other occasions. On the 15th, rather than use professional models, there will be oncologists, doctors, bridal suppliers, influencers and celebrities walking down the runway. Zandra insisted on this so that a diversity of sizing and styles can be put on display. For her, the creations have to look good on ‘real’ people.

It would seem that the show happening on the 15th is no coincidence, as it also happens to be Zandra’s 15th year in the business.