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EXCLUSIVE: Korean Superstar Jessica Jung Talks To Metro.Style About Her First Bag Design with Zalora

Leave it to Korean-American sensation, and now fashion designer, Jessica Jung to create a bag that has a fully feminine yet modern appeal. It is a collaboration of firsts for the BLANC & ECLARE creative director. The bag marks the start of her partnership with Southeast Asian online retailer Zalora and her very first foray into bags even for her own aforementioned fashion label.



In this exclusive, Metro.Style flew in to Jakarta to meet the now-fashion icon Jessica and to talk about and see the piece for the first time. And the attempt is far from amateur. The bag, playfully named the “Poppy,” is a high quality faux leather cylinder bucket bag that is equal parts structured yet feminine. But it’s not all that. “As a girl, I always wanted a bag that is affordable yet fashionable at the same time,” says the former Girls’ Generation singer. She sought this as the perfect opportunity to then create the bag of her dreams. The statement buckles and the removable strap which turns the piece into a cross body bag from a handbag puts the design at a premium at such a reasonable cost.



The key thing with the “Poppy” is it comes in six colorways to suit every girl’s fancy. Taking cue from the bag’s name, three of which were inspired by the colors of poppy flower fields—white, lilac, and lilac—while the other three are instant staples: black, nude, and tan.

It is quite rare to see a bag resemble so closely to the designer’s aesthetic. Seeing Jessica in the flesh, the collaboration made more sense. She is the epitome of the bag: womanly yet fun; classic yet very current. Even for Zalora Group Chief Commercial Officer Saskia De Jongh, this partnership with Jessica and her brand is also about looking and feeling good about yourself. “We are here to empower women to make sure that they feel beautiful,” she says while saying that for Zalora, it is always about the customers first.


The Poppy’s cylindrical shape might seem intimidating at first but Jessica, herself, made sure to dole out personal style tips for us wanting customers. “It goes well with anything,” says the 29-year old looking chic in a bishop-sleeved white top and brown leather pants. But her top choices would be jeans, a long floral dress, and even with a blazer. So girls, take cue.



And while it has only been two days since the bag’s regional launch on Zalora’s website, it is needless to say that the collaboration was a hit. The predictive success only paved the way for a little hint Jessica gave away during the launch: There is indeed a second bag design coming up very soon.


The Zalora girl and the BLANC & ECLARE woman are one and the same. She is working during the day but she also likes to treat herself out at night. And to celebrate this comes a desirable bag design that is accessible for everyone.



The BLANC & ECLARE by Jessica Jung with Zalora ‘Poppy’ bag,P3,699.00, is now available for purchase in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines over at the Zalora website and the mobile app.

Photos courtesy of Zalora. Special thanks to Vince Flores.