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The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project: Our Expert Guide For Athletic Women

Summer is here and we can't wait to hit the beach ASAP—who else is looking forward to tan by the shore and sip on some piña colada? As we day-dream of all the trips we'll be taking this season, it's high time we prepare our beach-ready wardrobes.

Finding the perfect, summer-ready swimsuit can seem intimidating for some women—but trust us when we say it isn't that tricky. There's no need to feel conscious about the body you're in, because there will always be styles and designs that will beautifully accentuate your own unique curves. After all, here at Metro.Style, we truly believe that every body is a swimsuit body.


The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project

We are huge advocates of being a hundred percent accepting of every body shape there is in existence, plus the natural processes that govern women's bodies and the physical changes that result from them. 

In our book, nursing mothers are allowed to wear bikinis. Full-figured girls are definitely most welcome to flaunt their assets in a swimsuit they love. Athletic women look killer in their work out gear, and in a bathing suit. Petite gals and flat-chested women are just as sexy on the beach, too! 

Really—it's all about loving and owning your body. It's a lesson we've been told time and time again, but we remind all women that we dress up for ourselves and not for others. And besides, what else would you wear to the beach other than a swimsuit that makes you feel just as hot, or heck, even hotter, than the sun blazing down on you? 

With this in mind, we developed the ultimate guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type. With the rise of more and more fashion labels that feel the same way about body positivitiy as we do, we're happy to say that more women can rediscover the joys of shopping for swimwear this summer and beyond—sans their insecurities and fears of not finding a style, size, or cut that suits them to a tee. 

Featuring real women from different fields combined with expert opinions from fashion veterans like our very own Metro Magazine Executive Editor and celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva, this ultimate swimwear guide serves to prove to women that they are, in fact, swimsuit-ready in their own right and have nothing else to worry about besides staying happy and healthy. 

Every body is a swimsuit body!



For this article, we'll be styling three ladies with strong, athletic figures: a soon-to-be rowing instructor, a full-time mom and fitness blogger, and a bodybuilding competitor. To know which styles work best for your body type, keep scrolling!





If your hips tend to have the same width as your shoulders, you have a rectangular body type.

Style tip: When picking a swimsuit, choose a piece with details that help give the illusion of curves!


Kali Huff

Athlete and Law Student, 23 years old

Instagram: @kalihuff


Tell us something about yourself

"I've been an athlete for 15 years, but I am currently a student in Ateneo Law School and a part-time events host. Right now, I’m also training to be a rowing instructor at Saddle Row. For me, working out is so important—not just for physical health and for the aesthetic, but also for mental health. I always feel so much better, even happier, when I'm working out. I feel like I'm more energized and I can get more things done."


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

"A lot of people think I’m outgoing—I like to hang out with my friends!—but sometimes, I prefer to spend most of my time studying by myself."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"I am pretty picky with my swimsuits—I don’t like pieces with crazy cuts. My breasts are also bigger than my butt, so when I get a medium bikini top, the bottom piece is either too large or too small.

I'm half American, so I'm a little bit bigger than a lot of girls here. It can be pretty hard to find my size here in the Philippines."


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"The color. If the hue does not look good on me, I won’t even consider it. I also look for something that’s going to highlight my body shape. I don’t like super high-waisted pieces, just because I want to be able to show off my waist a little bit."

Editor's Style Tip

Kali has a beautiful, strong body. We styled her in a sexy, deep-V maillot that highlights her chest. The dainty belt detail helped bring "softness" to her athletic physique.

Kali is wearing a one-piece suit from Coral Swimwear (@coralswimwearph)



What do you think about your look awhile ago?

"I'm happy with it. I don’t really wear one-piece swimsuits, but I love the color and it had a little nice singe which was able to show my waist a little bit. I also like how it highlighted my boobs without being overly in your face. The material was great!" 


How does finding the right swimsuit help you love your body even more?

"I think when you expose your body and put it out for the world to see, you are able to shed some fears about yourself. It's a lot easier to feel nervous when you haven't done something yet, but as soon as you're able to put on a bikini or a swimsuit, and show a bit more of yourself, you will feel the world accept you [for who you are]."


Jackie Go

Fitness Influencer and Full-Time Mom, 33 years old

Instagram: @gojackiego


Tell us something about yourself.

"I am a full-time, hands-on mom to my two kids. I am their driver and yaya! We’ve been 'yaya-less' for a year now, and managing our home and the kids really take up most of my time. Whatever free time I have, I dedicate it to blogging as it has always been my passion project—I love sharing my discoveries and experiences."


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

"On school days, I usually wake up at 5AM to prepare my kids’ lunch. I then bring them to school, then go straight to the gym to train for one to one and a half hours. Then I go home to do chores, and run errands. I have lunch before I pick up my son Juro, and then my daughter Gabbie. Come afternoon, we do their homework and I prepare their dinner. When my kids are asleep, I catch up with work. Being a hands-on mom, there’s little to no spare time!"


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"It's difficult to find the perfect fit. Though I have a standard size, sometimes the two-piece swimsuits work for me when they have different sizes—for example, a small top and a medium bottom, or vice versa. I love brands that let you pick the top and bottom separately."


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"One that doesn’t accentuate my armpit fat (or as I like to call it my "baby boobs"). I veer away from halters or tube tops (but still depending on how it fits). I tend to love high-waist bottoms because it covers my lower belly—I have loose skin and puson."

Editor's Style Tip

Jackie is really fit and has a lean, rectangular bulit. The mom-and-fitness-blogger veers away from low-cut bottoms since her lower abdomen can appear a little "jiggly", so we styled her in a chic, high-waisted number that perfectly flattered her body type.

The no-frills bandeau complemented the high-waisted bottom. Finally, the tie-side design cinches her waist, helping add more curves. 

Jackie dons a two-piece set from Float Swimwear (@float_swim)



What do you think about your look? 

"I love it. It’s something I’d definitely wear! I never thought pink suit would suit me."


How does finding the right swimsuit help you love your body more?

"Feeling good about what you wear is important because it makes you feel confident about yourself. Just like dressing up, go for pieces that would accentuate your assets and not your 'flaws'. It can take practice, but eventually you’ll find what type of suit works best for you."




If your shoulders are wider than your hips, then you have an inverted triangle body type.

Style tip: Pick suits with wide bottoms to help create the illusion of wider hips. 



Bodybuilding competitor, 25 years old

Instagram: @littlemisspatricia



Tell us something about yourself.

"I’m a bodybuilding competitor, an entrepreneur, and a freelance content creator."


What kind of lifestyle do you have?

"I oversee the day-to-day operations of our business Booty Bands PH, and fit in four to five gym sessions per week.

I don’t have a 9-5 job, so my days are almost never the same. Some days I’m completely free and can do whatever I want, while other days are completely full and I barely have time to eat or sleep. I love it because I’m never bored—I'm always on my toes!

I love what I do, so even when I’m working, it doesn’t always feel like I am. Being productive is something I truly enjoy. When I’m completely “off” work (which I rarely am), I also enjoy eating out, reading, travelling, watching movies, and just being out in new places with my boyfriend."


What are the challenges you encounter in finding a swimsuit?

"I have a small cup size so not all styles look flattering on me."


What do you look for in a swimsuit?

"I want something secure, something that I know is durable and won’t result in any peek-a-boos! That's still the most important for me. Next is the fit.

I love triangle tops because they’re more forgiving on small cup sizes. For bottoms, I like a standard bikini fit that has decent coverage; nothing too revealing. A general rule of thumb I have is, if I can wear it around my family and not feel the least bit awkward, it’s good."


Editor's Style Tip

Patricia has a gorgeous, muscular body. We styled her in wide boy leg shorts to visually add volume to her small hips, creating balance with her broad, toned shoulders. Finally, the deep blue hue perfectly complements her sun-kissed skintone!

Patricia is clad in a vibrant bikini set from Cocotini (@cocotiniresortwear)



What do you think about your look? 

"It’s different from my usual style, but I was pleasantly surprised with it! I don’t think I’ve ever worn a high-rise bottom before. I definitely need to expand my style options so it was a very welcome change."


How does finding the right swimsuit help you love your body more?

"The right swimsuit highlights my assets and doesn’t draw attention to what I perceive as my ‘flaws’. It reminds me to focus on the positives because we all have something to be proud of, and sometimes our ‘flaws’ aren’t even  flaws at all."


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Writers: Sara de los Reyes (@saraloopdeloop), Angelica Montoro (@eliimontoro), and Hershey Neri (@heyhershey)

Styled by John Karunungan (@johnkaranungan) and Hillary Lee (@hi_hieellz) of Styleditgroup (@styleditgroup)

Makeup by Arianne Sevilla (@makeupbyariannei) on Kali and Patricia, and Bea Hernandez (@beahernandezmakeup) on Jackie for Inglot Cosmetics Philippines (@inglotph)

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