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Travel Like A Pro With Beng Dee’s Holiday Getaway Essentials


When you’re a top-notch restaurateur and globetrotter, things can get pretty hectic. Just ask Beng Dee, aka @mrs_foodee on Instagram, who is known for her superb style and management as she flits from business to business, and from country to country!



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By now, you’re all probably booking your holiday travels, and excited for a little adventure abroad. So we reached out to Beng, one of our #MetroMostStylish Top 10 style muses, to share her adventure must-haves—and mind you, she and her family are serious global travelers.  These picks range from stylish, to generally practical; there’s definitely something for everyone.

Check out what Beng has to say about her absolute must-haves:


Travel Insurance


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Not the most exciting must-have, but you’ll thank us and Beng for this! Mishaps happen, like lost baggage, missed flights, some sudden illness or delays. Bear in mind that holidays are one of the most high-volume travel times globally, so it wouldn’t hurt to have some peace-of-mind and security like travel insurance.


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SPF Moisturizers and Hydrating Creams


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Travel stresses out the skin, to some extent; and if you’re planning a snowy Christmas, the climate will definitely be cold and dry. Skin damage can definitely be a problem when traveling, notes Beng, that’s why she doesn’t skimp out on the skin goodies to keep her youthful glow (and it shows!)


Sunnies Studios Sunglasses


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A lot of us overlook the practicality of having good sunglasses on our trips, but they do give that extra level of comfort and style. Not only can they dress up your look, but they also act as UV protection from the sun. If you suffer from sensitive eyes in particular, this should be on your purse as you go. Beng herself carries different styles of sunnies to “add some edge into any outfit”.


Sunnies Face Lipsticks


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Beng’s favorites in particular are shades ‘Major’ and ‘Girl Crush’! “I really love them and I won’t travel without it!”, she says. And she does have a good point, you can be dressed in the most basic travel wear, but with a bold red lip, you are super chic! So make sure to have at least one of your favorite lippies with you on your travels!


Comfortable Sneakers

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“Comfort” in sneakers is a little relative. Beng, for instance, likes her sneakers to have a little bit of height, so she can wear these from day-to-night. These help with their day-to-day operations, too, as Beng and her husband regularly visit their restaurants as part of their work.


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A Portable WiFi Device


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Worried about WiFi and Internet as you travel? Then a pocket WiFi gadget is the answer! They’re more reasonably priced than roaming charges, too, notes Beng. With pocket WiFi, you can ensure that you’re connected to social media, your emails (perhaps for major emergencies at work), and to your family chats as you go about exploring.


And to serve us with more fashion inspiration, here's a gallery of our favorite vacation looks c/o Mrs. Foodee herself!



Photos via @mrs_foodee