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2018 Engagement Ring Trends That Gentlemen Must Know Before Popping The Question

The pressure is real for gentlemen planning to tie the knot soon. Other than preparing for the proposal itself (candlelit dinner, rose petals scattered around the floor—name it!), they also have to look for the perfect ring. After all, engagement rings will last his partner a lifetime—just like engagement watches, rings are perfect heirloom pieces that mothers-to-be can pass on to their future daughters. 

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 With over thousands of options to choose from, finding the perfect rock to make you say ‘yes’ is no easy feat. Ladies, feel free to give your significant other a hand by sending him (or her) this article! 

The Metro.Style team got to snatch an exclusive interview with Melvyn Kirtley himself—the chief gemologist and the vice president of global marketing for Tiffany & Co. Below, he gives us the lowdown on engagement ring trends this 2018—and a bit of the timeless classics as well.


1. Symbolic Cuts

There are a lot of cuts to choose from, with oval, radiant, and princess as the more popular ones. According to Kirtley, the cut refers to the precise positioning, shape, and angle of a diamond’s facets, which together create that breathtaking brilliance women adore. There has been a growing interest in symbolic designs among couples today—these include more modern styles like emerald or cushion cut—and even the heart shape!

Tiffany Soleste with an emerald-cut diamond, emerald-cut with a Tiffany® band (Photo: Tiffany & Co.)


If you’re after a timeless cut, however, Kirtley recommends the Tiffany setting—one of the most sought-after engagement rings through the years. It has a legacy that has been celebrated in film, art, and literature. What makes the Tiffany setting special is that it features six platinum prongs that lift the diamond off the band and into the light—producing a dazzling charisma that shows off the beauty of the diamond.

The Tiffany Setting (Photo: Tiffany & Co)


2. Rose Gold

If you’re going for a classic and timeless look, you won’t go wrong with classic metals like platinum and 18k yellow gold. However, if your fiancée-to-be prefers a modern twist, you can go with colored metals like 18k rose.

Photo: Tiffany & Co.

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3. Non-Diamond Rings

And on that note, if you plan to walk down a non-traditional aisle, you might as well consider colored gemstones, fancy colored diamonds, or even band rings. Kirtley mentions that a lot of customers today are much more willing to experiment with different colors, such as yellow diamonds and blue sapphires. 


Photo: Carlton Davis


4.    Cut Matters Over Size

Does size really matter? Kirtley remarks that while there are many elements that contribute to the beauty of a diamond, cut is still the most important factor. “By selecting a Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring, you have selected one of the world’s brilliant and rare diamonds,” he quips.

Photo: Tiffany & Co. 

Photo:  Tiffany & Co.


Gentlemen, it is important that the style of the ring you choose reflects the personality and taste of your partner—but don’t worry. You know your partner best, so don’t hesitate to trust your instincts. If all else fails, ask advice from your partner’s best friends, family—or even herself! Just try to be discreet about it. Best wishes and good luck!


Artwork by Butchie Peña