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American Sit-Com Grown-ish: One Of The Most Fashionable TV Shows Today

For those of us who had the delight of basking in the cultural nuances of the nineties, there is arguably no other teen film that fused fashion and high school as well as Clueless did. Sparking dreams of computer-cataloged closets we didn’t know we wanted until we saw one in the Alicia Silverstone headed movie, the cult classic may have done more to shape young fashionistas careers than we realize. Alexander Wang, for example, has been noted for listing Clueless as one of his favorite and most inspirational movies. And with the name-dropping in the film, it comes as little surprise. From the memorable “But you don’t understand, this is an Alaia” to the “What is that?”-“It’s a dress”-“Say’s who?”-“Calvin Klein” exchange, many a teenaged girl got an introduction to what fashion possibilities might exist outside of their jeans and Doc Martens repertoire. And while not many teens could afford a Dolce and Gabbana yellow plaid Catholic schoolgirl inspired suit-set, the characters set the tone for more polished posses walking the hallways of campuses across the world.



More recently, as the platform for youth entertainment pivots to on-demand viewing, the show Grown-ish has placed itself on the list of Wednesday releases young adults eagerly anticipate. A spinoff of the Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross-led Black-ish, the sitcom series stars the magical Yara Shahidi, and an otherwise young but visibly talented supporting cast. The themes are relevant, the language is du jour, and it is in many ways the Clueless generation’s introduction to the intricacies of growing into your twenties in the the twenty-first century. But aside from the refreshing take on college life, it is the show’s fashion that is worth talking about.


Yara as Zoey on Episode 3 of Grown-ish, wearing a Burberry top and the Inside Out shorts from Opening Ceremony


In Wolford, Prada, Opening Ceremony, and Sophia Webster


Yara in Opening Ceremony, Thom Browne, and Lori Blue?


Four episodes into the first season, and it is already apparent that somebody on set has a whisper of an Opening Ceremony fetish. OC is a retail store that features a mix of the world’s most coveted brands, curated brilliantly by owners Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Opened in 2002, the store has more recently evolved into a key collaborator, blessing everything from a pair of VANS to COMMES des GARCONS gear, and simultaneously paving the way for the Midas-touch patterns of ingenues like Vetements, or Virgil Abloh’s Off-White. But aside from these key OC-looking high street pieces (to the tune of a Heron Preston tee or a signature KENZO sweater), the cast’s style choices are as varied as as the characters themselves. From Diane von Furstenberg and Burberry, to Zara and Madewell, the styling is a worthy lesson in the magic of high-low mixing.

And lest you think that these are kids who stroll onto set and just succumb to their stylist’s vision for them, a scroll through their Instagram accounts verifies that they are hip to the game, on or off camera. Word has it that fashion darling Luka Sabbat even styles himself on the show, but with his killer aesthetic, that comes as no surprise.



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Luka Sabbat



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