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Best Eyewear For Summer Activities With Friends

Before the rainy season finally and officially hits us and forces us to stay indoors, make sure to plan exciting summer activities that will allow you to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the outdoors. Pack your bags with the essentials like sunblock, hat, and water bottle, put on your most stylish summer OOTD, and top it off with these cool eyewear that’ll not only protect your peepers from the harsh sunlight but also elevate your look from trendy to sophisticated and chic.

Here are our recommendations on the best eye pieces for well-loved summer activities:

Go on a Road Trip

Whether you’re heading North to Sagada to enjoy the mountain breeze or La Union for some surfin’, this pair from Lacoste will surely keep your eyes shaded from the blazing sun while cruising down the highway. Stuck in traffic? Stay calm and collected while looking cool in these black Lacoste sunglasses.

Hit the Beach

No summer vacation is every complete without some sun worshipping at the beach. Whether you’re a one-piece swimsuit kind of gal or two-piece bikini wearing goddess, remember to slather on sunblock of at least SPF 50 or higher, and put on a cover-up when taking a break from a swim. Remember to protect your eyes from the sun with a pair of sunglasses like this one from Lacoste.

Have Fun at a Theme Park

Who says theme parks are just for kids? Theme parks nowadays have gone far beyond the usual roller coaster rides, bumper cars, and water attractions. Amusement parks of the moment are state of the art and showcase cutting edge technology that promise a thrilling and heart-stopping time. Whether you go for the exciting rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi or you’re in Disneyland to accompany your kid siblings, there’s no reason to look sloppy. Put on this cool blue Lacoste sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun or hide your wide-eyed fear as that ride dips, twists and turns.

Attend a Music Festival

Now if you’re a music lover, then attending a music festival must be on your summer bucket list. It won’t be surprising if you were one of the many who danced and sang along to Janelle Monae and Ariana Grande at last month’s Coachella. Before you head out to next month’s Glastonbury Festival or Woodstock’s 50th anniversary in August, get yourself this stylish pair of Lacoste sunglasses to stay on trend.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Explore the best of what nature has to offer this season by hiking, trekking or mountain climbing. While the country has a number of mountains and hills to climb and trek, try to skip the more popular and touristy ones. Beginners can get started with a leisurely two-hour hike in Batangas’ Mt. Gulugod Baboy. For a bit more challenge, head off to Mt. Balabag in Rizal, which comes with a refreshing swim at Maranat Falls. Pack your hiking and camping gear if you must, but don’t forget this funky pair of Lacoste eyewear to complete your outdoor exploration.

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