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High Fashion Bow: Here's How To Wear The Recurring Trend Of The Awards Season

The awards season is pretty much firing up in every corner and we've been seeing a lot of big bows on the crowd. Here's what we think about this recurring trend that take so much space on our best dressed lists.

Three down and three to go, the awards season is at its full speed. Apart from eyeing for the best dressed on the red carpet, Metro has been also on the looks for the ultimate red carpet trend this year. Nominees from these prestigious evenings do not only come through with an award in mind but with a dress to win with it. So far, we looked through the Golden Globe Awards, the Critic's Choice Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, as we keep our 20/20 vision for the esteemed stars in their big bow energy. 

No matter what size or what material it is made of, big bows on the red carpet are solely worn to perfect the red carpet stance. Planning a grand entrance? Throw on a big bow. Presenting an award? Throw on a big bow, let the people decide if the award is a golden trophy or is it really just you? We love it when we our stars get creative with not only big bows but with tiny bows that make an even bigger impression. 

See so far the best big bow gowns this awards season. Remember to ease up on swiping through, we heard of the big bow syndrome. Kidding aside, we’d love to see you incorporate these trends on your everyday casuals. Spark up any outfit with a bow to cinch up your waist. Tie your scarf with a bow to revamp your favourite everyday bag. On special occasions, opt for a low back gown and top it all off with a darling big bow. From now on, it’s go big or go home.