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Big Heads? Wide-Brim Hats Could Be Your Next Summer Essential

Hats are kind of underrated. Often, when we talk about accessories, we usually talk most jewelry, sometimes sunnies, often scarves, but rarely headpieces. This time, though, we can’t help but notice that the fashion week runways, and the grand summer parties all have one trend in common, and that’s the wide-brim hats.


Having wide brims does have their practical purposes, especially during the summer; it provides shade from the sun, keeping your eyes and face away from the rays. But in the recent runways, those brims are often exaggeratingly long, like disguises for caped crusaders, or gravity-defying looks.  It goes to show is a renewed interest in the statement potential of hats, and we’re all for it!


How wide a brim are you willing to try on? Check out these seasonal looks for your inspiration:


Yves Saint Laurent


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This Fall/Winter 2018 ensemble is giving a chic, espionage vibe. Make that your little black hat to go with your little black dress.



Jess Wilson


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While at Omega’s #SeamasterAquaTerra launch, Jess sports this sun hat to add that layer of mystery… and to keep the sun away.





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Quite an exaggerated wide-brim of a hat! And yet, maybe wearable?



Marie Lozano


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Take it from Marie in Amanpulo, that sun hat will give your beach #ootd an extra statement.



Marc Jacobs


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Striking, structured and sophisticated, these black wide-brim hats will show others who’s boss.




Lead photo from @jacquemus