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Meet The Extravagantly Rich Cast Of Hit Netflix Show 'Bling Empire'—And See Their Best Looks!

You won’t believe how expensive their clothes are!

It’s a crazy, rich asian world and we’re all just living in it. More and more spotlight are given to Asians on media today and new hit Netflix reality show Bling Empire is just proof of that. As the world takes more notice of us Easterners, a common theme thus far is the outlandishly rich lifestyle of Asians and debunking some cultural myths. Bling Empire looks into the lives of wealthy Asian-American friends in California. We were in it for the over-the-top fashion but we stayed because it offered more than that. The show shed light on the cultural landscape surrounding the modern Asian (rich or not): family, friendship, love, and life overtook the fashion in this show.

The show follows the life of Kevin Kreider, a Korean-American model and portrayed as common folk, who recently became friends with the moneyed circle of Bling Empire. After his best friend Singapore-American Kane Lim added him to the multi-generational group, the show highlighted the lives and storyline of these amazing Asian-American women who not only have their fair share of struggles, but they do so in couture! 

Kane Lim (left) poses with Jamie Xie and Kevin Kreider while on a shopping spree

Let’s meet the stylish ladies of Bling Empire and see our favorite looks from each girl! 

Anna Shay


The oldest and wisest from the bunch (arguably the most inherently stylish of them all, too!), Anna Shay comes from a family in the business of weaponry. This Japanese-Russian woman is the least bothered by money though her taste in high jewelry is unparalleled! It is rare to see Anna without a piece of diamond necklace from Boucheron or Van Cleef. Perhaps experience molded Anna as she adds sage learning to the show. Our favorite look of hers has got to be this velvet look with an insane amount of diamonds: a necklace, layered bangles, that big frocked ring, and can we start talking about the tiara?

Christine Chiu


The self-claimed queen of Los Angeles, Christine Chiu is the wife of plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu. She comes off as the evil, queen bee but Christine actually has just been toughened up by years and years of struggles that come with being  a Chinese woman. One to always be proud of her couture, she is often misunderstood. 

Speaking of standout looks, this cheongsam look of Christine during the party she hosted for Chinese New Year is a definite stunner! The gilded dress is for sure a look fit for a queen.

Kelly Li


The hopeless romantic of the bunch, Kelly Li has also had her share of misadventures in life, especially will love. The self-made woman has the most minimal aesthetic of the bunch but definitely the most relatable. By far her strongest look, this ruffled high-low dress on Kelly during a party is a fave!

Hail The New Queen Of Dress Up: Dawn Zulueta!


Hail The New Queen Of Dress Up: Dawn Zulueta!

Kim Lee


The trouble child of the group, global DJ Kim Lee is a true bombshell. Her sexy looks is unlike anyone in the group. Low cleavage, strong makeup, Kim isn’t one to back down from a vixen look. She was a tough cookie to begin with but later on softened during the moments she was in search of her long-lost father who apparently passed away before they met. This cheetah-printed dress paired with an oversized hoop earrings must be her best look on the show! 

Jaime Xie


Jamie Xie is the show’s darling. Daughter of a Chinese tech magnate, the former equestrian looked into the fashion influencing as her new career of choice. At just 21 years old, Jamie has got to have the most put-together looks out of them all. Always on trend and ahead of the group, Jamie’s looks are runway-inspired, young, and modern. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see her on the show! This white feathered look with those flooring Chanel earrings must be her best look out of the many looks she wore left and right!

Cherie Chan


Cherie Chan is such a sweetheart. She must be the only one always at home so her looks are the comfiest and mostly Louis Vuitton—always pretty and in pastel! Take for example this simple knit sweater meant as her loungewear but with gilded leaves, of course! She must seem the meekest out of them all at first, but during the show’s season ender after being impatient with her long-term partner’s proposal, she did the most culture-breaking move in the show: proposing to her now fiancé. 

Photos all from Netflix Philippines