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Channel '50s Elegance With Plains & Prints' Chic, Vintage-Inspired Polka Dot Collection!

"You can never go wrong with the classics"—a motto every fashionista knows by heart. We can always count on a no-fail white button down shirt, a feminine A-line skirt, or a trusty little black dress to save the day. Classic prints come in the picture, too—prints that have evolved through the years, but retain chic elegance and style.

Enter polka dots, the it pattern of the '50s. This vintage print is a timeless favorite—we've seen it on style icon Audrey Hepburn, on the runways, in our grandmothers' chic wardrobes, and recently, on the racks of our favorite stores.

Yes, Metro Women! Vintage polka dots are a huge trend right now—and it's the perfect time to unleash your inner old soul. One local brand that recently launched a polka dot-inspired capsule collection is Plains & Prints. "Polka dots have graced our closets for as long as we can remember," the Filipino label said. "It embodies history, feminine charm and playful contemporary style."

True enough, this ultra chic collection is an ode to the timeless modern woman, incorporating reinterpreted styles and details on the iconic pattern. The limited edition line includes a casual yet elegant jumpsuit, a bright red, retro-inspired dress, and even a white-on-white ensemble for those who want to tone it down. This timeless print is versatile, taking you from model off-duty to sophisticated elegance any time of the day. Even Marc Jacobs said it himself—"There's never a wrong time for a polka dot!"

See our top picks from the #PolkadotSeries collection below:

Spot the Plains & Prints #PolkadotSeries online at on October 5, 2018 and in all Plains & Prints boutiques nationwide on October 9, 2018.