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Cool, Tech-Forward Masks By These Sports Brands Will Save The World

Brands take innovation to new heights with these technology-driven face masks

Sportswear is having a moment amidst the coronavirus pandemic—but for reasons you may not be aware of.

While it’s not new news that fashion companies and designers have pivoted their production schedules to make way for personal protective equipment (PPE), new heroes in the search for medical supplies have surfaced in the past week—sportswear brands.

Yes, you read that right.

Bottega Veneta And Gucci Create An Online Safe Space For Troubled Creatives To Relearn During COVID-19


Bottega Veneta And Gucci Create An Online Safe Space For Troubled Creatives To Relearn During COVID-19

While we may all be living in our cycling shorts and workout tops for the duration of this enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), some of our favorite brands have been hard at work developing fashionable and tech-forward resources for our medical frontliners.

Like the true innovators they are, here’s a rundown of some popular activewear brands at the forefront of this innovative movement.


Nike is no stranger to fashion and technology. With a strong history backed up by innovation and functional tech, it’s no surprise that the sportswear giant has come up with their own full-face shields with powered air purifying respirator lenses or PAPR.

In partnership with the Oregon Health & Science University, the brand’s PPEs are made of elements from the brand’s signature shoes, the Nike Air.

New Balance

One of the hottest brands in the streetwear game today, New Balance has announced that its US factories will be developing, manufacturing, and delivering face masks to hospital personnel.

After consulting with healthcare professionals and hospitals, the team landed on a combination of four fabrics to best serve its wearers' filtration needs. The masks utilize sneaker materials like laces that are commonly seen in the brand’s footwear.

Under Armour 

Putting its own design and manufacturing teams to work, Under Armour has created an origami-styled face mask for medical staff in various hospitals and organizations.

The innovative design is made of a single piece of fabric that doesn’t require any sewing, which means it can be produced rapidly and in large quantities. The folds are carefully positioned to adapt to the topography of the face and makes use of a non-wicking fabric to prevent droplets from the wearers’ mouth from entering the air.