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Dior Is Now On TikTok And So Should You!

Luxury French giant Dior joins the social media platform and we can’t wait to see their fun take on fashion!

The luxury fashion house Dior chimes in on the fun social media frenzy of today, TikTok! When we’ve seen people from all walks of life take on the platform,  the French label has come through with their own account. As a nod to its late founder Christian Dior who has “unwavering passion for the arts in all their forms,” this is quite an exciting endeavor for the brand.

TikTok is an app for making and sharing short videos. It’s a genuinely fun platform where content makers do clips and challenges for a wide range of audience. To welcome Dior in it, a brand known for its refinement and sophistication, is a welcome surprise but it was really only a matter of time. With this in mind, we can’t wait on the kind of engaging content the brand will craft for its ever-growing market.


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There are currently no posts yet on the account but they promise “original, creative and fun content” soon. Give them a follow and we’ll have to see what’s next for Dior!

For more information, visit and there new TiKTok account.


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